M-915 Series Heavy Trucks

M915A1 tractor, 21 August 1990
M915A1 tractor, 21 August 1990.

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M-915 Series Heavy Trucks

62nd Transportation Company M915 tractors in an Interstate rest area near Ft. Bliss, TX, 12 February 1987
62nd Transportation Company M915 tractors in an Interstate rest area near Ft. Bliss, TX, 12 February 1987.

The M915 series of vehicles consists of six trucks that utilize the same power train, axles, and chassis with different body configurations. These trucks were produced starting in 1978, and, after a series of upgrades , continue to be utilized by the U.S. military forces in the 2000s. Plans for further life-extension through retrofitting and reinvestment in the fleet will push the M915-series useful life into the second or even third decade of the 21st century.

M915-series Models and Variants

The M915 is a line haul tractor, used by transportation units for logistical movement of supplies. The M916 through M920 models are used primarily by Engineer units. The M917 is a 20-ton dump truck while the M918 and M919 provide engineer paving equipment. The M916 and M920 are tractors that pull semi-trailers to transport earthmovers and other engineer equipment.

The M915, M916 and M920 base model and -A1 variants were manufactured by AM General. The M915A2 and subsequent models were manufactured by Freightliner based upon their commercial designs and technology.

This table gives additional details and provides links to pages of photos and further information on the individual truck models.

Base Model & Nomenclature Variants
M915 Truck, Tractor, Line Haul 50,000 GVWR 6X4 M915A1 - M916A4
M916 Truck, Tractor LET 6x6 w/winch M916A1 - M916A3
M917 Truck Chassis, 75,000 GVWR, 8x6, for 20-ton dump truck, 12 cu yd dump truck M917A1 - M917A2
M918 Truck Chassis, 56,000 GVWR, 6x6 for 1,500-gallon bituminous distributor  
M919 Truck Chassis, 75,000 GVWR, 8x6 for concrete mobile mixer  
M920 Truck, Tractor MET, 8x6 w/winch  

LET = Light Equipment Transporter, 56,000 GVWR, MET = Medium equipment transporter, 75,000 GVWR

The M917, M919, M920 are equipped with a pusher axle for equalizing the load on the rear axles, resulting in the designation 8x6.

Manuals for the M-915 series of trucks are numbered in these groups:

  • TM 9-2320-273-xx regarding M915, M916, M917, M918, M919, M920
  • TM 9-2320-283-xx regarding M915A1
  • TM 9-2320-363-xx regarding M915A2, M916A1, M916A2, M917A1
  • TM 9-2320-302-xx regarding M915A3
  • TM 9-2320-303-xx regarding M915A4

In all the manual groups, the xx represents the maintenance level. All together there are dozens of multi-volume manuals for the series of trucks.

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