Today in WW II: 12 May 1941 Konrad Zuse, a German engineer working alone, completed the Z3, later determined to be the first fully operational electromechanical computer. Isolated by WW II, Zuse's work was unknown in the US and UK until after the war.  More 
12 May 1942 Second Battle of Kharkov, eastern Ukraine: Red Army offensive captures Kharkov from Germans who later encircle and destroy the Soviet forces [12-28 May].
12 May 1943 Organized Axis resistance in North Africa ends.
12 May 1943 Third Washington Conference, the Trident Conference between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill begins in Washington, DC [12-27 May].
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UK Military MOD Morris Commercial, 4 x 2 PU, 8cwt Wireless Truck

Morris Commercial, 4 x 2 PU, 8cwt wireless truck. 6 Cyl, L head, 3.48 litres Type OH. 60 BHP at governed 2600 RPM/50 MPH. Weight 1 ton 16 cwt (4060 lb). Produced from 1936 to about 1941.

The same rear body was also used on two variants of Humber truck, the Canadian Ford F8, Chevrolet C8 and Dodge T212 D8A. The rear canvas and frame can be removed as an entity to stand on the folding side legs seen on the sides with an extra "skirt" attached to make a ground wireless station.

The vehicles were very successful in desert operations and used extensively in Palestine and India pre-war, they were highly prized by Rommel and the DAK for their speed and reliability in desert operations. All are now seen with the 9.00 x 16 sand tyres because of availability although track pattern versions were alternatively fitted at the time. The markings are correct for an actual vehicle of the 1st Brigade, Rifle Battalion as an actual photograph from a friend shows his father on duty with one. The Z number is traceable to a small batch and is bracketed with known examples, though not proven correct might be only a few digits out.

The total known European stock allowing for some still hiding would be 12 or so, most were lost at Dunkirk in such numbers that the Germans re-bodied with kubel type and re-used their normally fitted No 11 wireless set.

Thanks to Richard Notton who provided the information on this page.

Morris Commercial. Photo: Courtesy of Richard Notton
Morris Commercial. Photo: Courtesy of Richard Notton.

Morris Commercial. Photo: Courtesy of Richard Notton
Morris Commercial. Photo: Courtesy of Richard Notton.