Today in WW II: 14 Aug 1941 Roosevelt and Churchill meet at sea to agree on war aims, codified in the Atlantic Charter.  More 
14 Aug 1945 Japanese agree to unconditional surrender [14 August east of the date line, 15 August in Japan].
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Plymouth P11 Staff Car

The Plymouth P11 was a five passenger 4x2 sedan with rear "suicide doors." It was powered by Plymouth's 201 cu. in. 87 hp. 6 cyl. gas engine mated to a three speed manual transmission. The P-11 was one of the more common staff car sedans, widely used during WW II for light duties by the U.S. Army and Navy, in the U.S. and overseas.

1940 photo of Plymouth P11 Staff Car
1940 photo of Plymouth P11 Staff Car.