Recomended Military Books: Edged Weapons

M9 Multipurpose Bayonet System
M9 Multipurpose Bayonet System.

Today in WW II: 13 Dec 1937 Nanking, China surrenders beginning the Rape of Nanking.  More 
13 Dec 1941 Hungary and Bulgaria declare war on United States.
13 Dec 1944 American forces take the towns of Gey and Strass, bringing US troops to the Roer River, ending the intense phase of the battle of the Hürtgen Forest.
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Books About Military Knives, Bayonets and other Edged Weapons

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Commando Dagger : The Complete Illustrated History of the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife by Leroy Thompson.

Applegate Kill or Get Killed

Kill or Get Killed by Col. Rex Applegate. This is the best and longest-selling book on close combat in history. Reprinted and in current use by the U.S. Marine Corps as an official training manual, it details methods of self-defense, offensive close combat including knife fighting, combat shooting and crowd-control techniques in riot situations. Colonel Rex Applegate is widely regarded as the father of modern close combat and combat shooting, and this book is considered the standard by which all other books on the subject are judged.
Bayonets: An Illustrated History by Martin J. Brayley. Detailed history and description of all important bayonets with pricing information, physical description, manufacturing data, service history, and military effectiveness. Over 500 large scale, full-color photos provide overall and detail views of 300 different bayonets from around the globe.
U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets and Machetes: Price Guide by M.W. Silvey, Gary D. Boyd, and Frank Trzaska. This book is a price guide that is indexed to other popular books that describe the knives and have photos.
Combatives by U.S. Army Staff. Covers latest hand-to-hand combat techniques as taught in U.S. military service schools. Learn basic and advanced unarmed fighting, field-expedient weapons, combat-speed training, transition techniques, sentry removal and much more.
Combat Conditioning: The Classic U.S. Marine Corps Physical Training And Hand-To-Hand Combat Course by United States Marine Corps.
Close Combat and Hand to Hand Fighting by United States Marine Corps.
Allied Military Fighting Knives : And The Men Who Made Them Famous by Robert A Buerlein. 200 pages. (January 2002). Allied Military Fighting Knives chronicles in detail the background, development and variations of both common and unusual combat knives. It also provides firsthand accounts by and in-depth interviews with the men who used them in battle, including U.S. Marine Raiders; U.S. Army Rangers; U.S., Canadian and British airborne units; the legendary Gurkhas; the First Special Service Force; such clandestine outfits as the OSS and SOE; and even officers who served in the Shanghai Municipal Police with W.E. Fairbairn and E.A. Sykes. In addition to its focus on military-issue blades, the book devotes chapters to two of the leading private companies that provided knives to soldiers in all war zones - Ek and Randall. A must for historians and collectors.

Military Knives: A Reference Book . A complete reference book for knives of the United States, British, and Allied Forces, 19th century to modern day. This volume compiles together sixty-seven of the best military knife articles from the past twenty years of Knife World magazine. Authors include Frank Trzaska, Mike Silvey, William A. Windrum, Fred Bratmon, Steve Dick, Dennis Ellingsen, Bill Karsten, Don Lawrence, Dave Murphy, Harvey Reisberg, Eugene W. Stone, Richard White, and Bill Wright.

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