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Military vehicles waiting for convoy, Hampton Roads, Virginia during World War II
Military vehicles waiting for convoy, Hampton Roads, Virginia during World War II.

Today in WW II: 24 Sep 1944 US releases Morgenthau Plan, a plan for occupation of post-war Germany and conversion of that country to an agrarian economy, with no industry that could be used to wage war.   

Books About Military Vehicles

Technical Manuals: For Technical Manuals and other documentation relating to Military Vehicles, your best sources are found on the Publications page which is part of the "Introduction to Buying and Owning Military Vehicles".

Standard Catalog of U.S. Military Vehicles by David Doyle. Paperback: 496 pages. Published by Krause Publications. Publication date: October 2003 (2nd Edition). No question, this book is the bible of U.S. military vehicles with almost 500 pages of detailed history and specifications accompanied by over 1000 photos. Coverage runs form World War II into the 1990s and includes trailers, motorcycles and tracked vehicles in addition to the wheeled vehicles that are the bulk of the entries. The audience is assumed to be collectors and restorers, not professional military personnel. Appendices cover related topics on camouflage color schemes and machine gun mounts.

Allied Vehicles & Equipment 1939-1945 by Jan Suermondt. 128 pages (September 16, 2001) Crowood. The outstanding feature of this volume is the color photographs, made in cooperation with the Wheatcroft Collection, one of the largest private collections of restored military vehicles of WW II.

Army Vehicle Identification Numbers. Compiled by Dennis Spence and published by Portrayal Press. This book presents a comprehensive listing of identification numbers (G numbers, M numbers and other series) used for U.S. Army vehicles from WW I until the early 1980s, a period when great numbers of interesting vehicle designs were first introduced. Other manuals from Portrayal include US Army reference works and the manuals for specific vehicles as well as a wide range of other military vehicle related topics.
Military Trucks (Land and Sea) by Michael Green, James Petersen. 48 pages (May 1997). For children. Discusses the history and use of military trucks, highlighting specific models and their roles in various battles.
Military Transport; Trucks and Transporters by Thomas O'Malley, Ray Hutchins. Hardcover, 159 pages Published by Greenhill Books Publication date: June 1995
US Military Tracked Vehicles (Motorbooks International Crestline Series) by Fred W. Crismon Hardcover, 415 pages Published by Motorbooks International Publication date: October 1992
US Military Wheeled Vehicles (Motorbooks International Crestline Series) by Fred W. Crismon Hardcover. Published by Motorbooks International Publication date: February 1994
Jeep (Illustrated Buyer's Guide) by Jim Allen. Covers every jeep model with good chapters on the many military ones. 160 pages. Motorbooks International, May 1999.
Jeep (Those Daring Machines) by Peter Guttmacher Traces the history of the rugged American all-purpose vehicle, the Jeep, from its creation as a war machine to its popularity on roads today. For children, reading Level: Ages 9-12. Library Binding, 48 pages. Published by Crestwood House. Publication date: June 1994
How to Restore Your Military Harley-Davidson by Bruce Palmer. Paperback - 192 pages (September 1998) Authentic Restoration Guides.
The United States Army and the Motor Truck : A Case Study in Standardization (Contributions in Military Studies, No 163) by Marc K. Blackburn. Hardcover, 136 pages. Published by Greenwood Publishing Group. Publication date: March 30, 1996. The story of the bureaucratic rivalry, commercial and political interests, and technical problems that blocked the standardization of motor trucks for the US Army for over 30 years. Begins with experimentation and expansion before World War I, the halt in progress until 1928, and the resurgence up to the beginning of World War II, during which US supremacy in military trucks was a main factor in the victory.
Military Dune Buggies by Michael Green. 48 pages (April 1997). A children's history of military dune buggies, highlighting specific models and their roles in various battles.
Humvees and Other Military Vehicles by Jay H. Smith. (March 1995). The title says it all.

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