Military Supplier Search Help

Here are some hints and examples for searching the Military Supplier database. This applies to all types of dealers and manufacturers: vehicle parts, new equipment, surplus, militaria, firearms, books or any other.

First of all, you can easily get an alphabetic listing of suppliers from the service at the bottom of any page of where it says, "Search for Military Suppliers or Browse by Type and Name here". So if you know the company name and want an address, phone number or web site, you can just check them out alphabetically.

looking up junk dealers in the telephone directory to sell scrap metal collected for the victory scrap salvage program, washington, dc, may 1942
Looking up junk dealers in the telephone directory to sell scrap metal collected for the Victory Scrap Salvage Program, Washington, DC, May 1942.

Today in WW II: 19 Jan 1942 Japanese troops seize control of North Borneo.   

Search for Military Suppliers from the bottom of any Page Footer Search Block Footer Search Block.

For a quick look up of military suppliers by name, use the index in the footer of any Page. The image above shows what the footer search block looks like. You can select by pull down list the type of supplier and the letter of the alphabet that the supplier name starts with. Then click on the "List Suppliers" button to see all the records in the Supplier Data Base that match your choices. Try it out on the bottom of this page.

You can also click on the words "Search for Military Suppliers" to transfer to the Search Page, explained next.

Search for Military Suppliers from the Search Page

In addition to the alphabetic listing by supplier type that you can get from the bottom of any page, there is also an advanced search on the Search Page. You can get there by clicking on Search from the menu on the top right or bottom right of any page of or from the Site Map. The Search Page is also linked from many other places within the website, such as this page.

On the Search Page there are two search services: a search of all of ("Search") and the supplier search ("Search the Supplier Database").

All military suppliers are together in one database including companies selling military vehicles, books, new and surplus gear, militaria etc. This was done because there is a lot of overlap between the categories. So, rather than have you miss something or have to search multiple databases, it is all together.

In the "Search the Supplier Database" portion of the Search page, there are two search methods available: by content and by geographical location. Use can use one or the other or both together.

Searching Military Suppliers by Descriptive Words

You can enter one or more words or phrases in the box called "Search Term or Terms". A phrase is indicated by "double quote marks like this". Searches are not case sensitive so jeep is the same as Jeep or JEEp. Each search term is separated from the others by one or more blanks. Multiple search terms are interpreted as an OR search.

Here is what those search rules mean:

If you enter this in the Search Term box: You will be searching for this:
jeep truck All suppliers who have the word jeep OR the word truck in their listing.
m-37 M37 All suppliers with at least one of the following in their listing: m37, M37, m-37, M-37.
"Willys MB jeep" Notice the quotes. All suppliers who have the exact phrase Willys MB jeep in their listing, with any combination of capital or small letters.
"Willys MB" jeep Notice the quotes. All suppliers who have the phrase Willys MB in their listing, with any combination of capital or small letters, OR have the word jeep in their listing.
516-927-1000 All suppliers who have the phone number 516-927-1000 in their listing.

Whole words do not have to match. That is, if your search term is truck, then it will match truck, trucks, trucking, or the word struck. This can sometimes be confusing, but generally it adds power to your searches.

The more specific your query, the fewer suppliers you will retrieve. For example, if you enter 602-889-8895 as your search term you will get two dealers. Why two? Because Omega Weapons Systems has this phone number and they are a dealer for Lionheart Vehicles Ltd. Both have the number in their listing.

If nothing matches your query, the result page will tell you that.

Search by Military Supplier Location

Location searches are organized by zip code for US suppliers and by country name for non-US suppliers.

First, choose the country you want from the drop down list. All countries with at least one supplier in the database are on the list. If you want the United States, it is already selected and you don't have to do anything.

In the US, you can further limit your search by zip code. You have to have some general knowledge of the zip code system so you can use a good combination of codes to cover the area you want. But you don't have to be very specific -- err on the side of too big an area and at worst you get a few extra suppliers to look at.

For example, if you want to look for suppliers in the Northeast US, you can use this US Postal Service site to get the zip of Boston, MA (02101) and the zip of New York, NY (10001). So do a search bracketing those locations by using the range 02000 to 10000. You will get suppliers in Massachusetts, New Jersey and a few other states in between.

If you only put a number in the "Zip Code From" box, then "99999" will be used for the upper limit; if you only put a value in the "Zip Code To" box the number "00000" will be used for the lower limit. If neither box has anything, then no search filter by zip code will be used with a USA search.

Zip Code boxes are not used outside the United States.

Mixed Military Supplier Search: Location and Search Terms Together

If you want to use a search term, but limit the search to a geographical area, you can do that by filling in the search term box and also selecting a country. If the country is the USA, you can further limit the search by zip code as described above.

For example, to find M-37 parts dealers in California, try a search with these terms:

M-37 m37 "3/4 ton"

Then, also put 90000 to 97000 in the zip boxes.

Military Supplier Search Results Page

When you submit your search criteria, the database is searched and a customized page of supplier information is generated for your web browser. The results page will list each supplier whose database record matches your request. Results are sorted by postal code.

Use the link at the top or bottom right of the results page or your browser's Back button to return to the Search page to do another search.

Problems? Weird results?

This search capability should be very useful to you, but if you don't like or don't understand what you get from the search, contact The search depends on a combination of the searching programs and the content of the supplier listings. Either one could be off in some way so please communicate what your experience is. And if you get an error message, please provide the text of the error message and a hint about what you were doing at the time (search terms etc.)