Military Unit Histories & Websites

Many of the thousands of military units with current or historical service have started websites as a way to present the proud history of the unit and to facilitate communication among the members and veterans. Some are highly elaborate while others are modest. They all reflect the pride of service and lifelong bonds formed.

Army Day parade at Yoder Field, Ft. Patrick Henry, VA, 16 April 1945. Headquarters Company passing the reviewing stand
Army Day parade at Yoder Field, Ft. Patrick Henry, VA, 16 April 1945. Headquarters Company passing the reviewing stand.

Today in WW II: 22 Oct 1941 Delayed bomb set by the Soviets detonates in Romanian headquarters, killing 67 people including the Romanian commander and other Romanian and German officers. More 
22 Oct 1943 German industrial and population center of Kassel targeted by 569 RAF bombers that dropped more than 1,800 tons of bombs, causing heavy damage in a firestorm.
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Military Unit Histories & Websites

Web sites for individual units and commands of ground forces are found here. Navy ship web sites and aviation units are found in the corresponding history sections of Olive-Drab. You should also look at Military Organizations and the many resources of the other History sections for further possibilities. has web pages for 16,000 or so U.S. military units on-line. Many of these include at least basic historical information about the unit, its campaign streamers, and decorations.

Military Unit Websites

Units are listed in sections for US Army Units, US Marine Corps Units, and units from outside the U.S.

US Army Unit Association Web Sites
This site is dedicated to the Golden Hawks of the 1st Aviation Brigade - US Army. The site is also a portal to over 100 company sites of the Vietnam war 1st Aviation Brigade.
1st Cavalry Division Association soldiers and veterans fraternity.
1st Cavalry Division Outpost provides historical background, heritage and lineage of the 1st Cavalry Division and its Subordinate Commands. This site is enormous with detailed histories of each of the many units under 1st Cav, from the Western Frontier through Vietnam to today.
2nd Armored Division. The official U.S. Army 2nd Armored "Hell On Wheels" Division site dedicated to all who served our country proudly in times of war and peace. Huge collection of historical materials, photos, personal stories, links.
2d Cavalry Association, the first and oldest Unit Affiliated association. Provides information and help to anyone from the unit or interested in the active Regiment or its history. Includes the Reed Museum and its photo archives. See also this paper on the 2d Cavalry from the US Army CMH.
4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association with membership made up of World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Cold War and Peacetime veterans of the 4th Infantry Division along with active duty Ivymen and women serving at Ft. Hood Texas (home of the division), Ft. Carson Colorado and around the world.
8th Battalion 4th Artillery was known as the "The Defender of the DMZ" for their service during the years 1967 - 1971 in northern I Corp of Vietnam. While in Vietnam the Battalion fired more than 400,000 175mm/8 inch Self Propelled Gun/Howitzer rounds in support of United States Marine, Army, and ARVN forces.
Society of the Fifth Division (5th Infantry Division, U.S. Army: Red Diamond). History of the division in WW I, WW II and Vietnam along with other information and services to veterans. Links to web sites of 5th Division regimental and battalion level units.
The 6th Cavalry Historical Association is dedicated to preserving the memory of our country's veterans and the sacrifice that they made for us through public displays, parades and visits to schools and other public institutions. We restore and preserve the uniforms, equipment and vehicles that our veterans used during various periods in history.
7th Infantry Division Association is for active duty personnel and former members of the 7th Infantry Division who saw service during World Wars I or II, Korea, Panama, or peacetime service.
7th Infantry Regiment Association. The 7th Infantry Regiment was constituted 11 January 1812, making it one of the five oldest regiments in the United States Army. It ranks first on the Army's Order of Merit List in terms of date constituted, campaign participation, and awards received.
7th U.S. Cavalry (Garyowen). History, active unit information, armament, insignia, rosters, bulletin board, and much more.
8th United States Army official web site and history.
8th Infantry Division. a.k.a. "The Pathfinders" and the "The Golden Arrow" Division, the 8th Infantry Division is one of the few Regular Army divisions that has served our country. Here is divisional history, contact information.
8th Infantry Division Association, a web site for all former soldiers of the 8th Infantry Division from beginning to keep the memories and spirit of the 8th Infantry Division from fading into history. Roster, photos, chat room, links and more.
9th Infantry Division, "Old Reliables", from 1918 to 1991. History, units, reunions, help with locating members.
The history of the 10th Light Division (Alpine) through April 1944 is covered in this paper from the US Army CMH. The subsequent history of the division, including its reorganization as the 10th Mountain Division is described in this second document.
The 11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia was founded in 1984 after 75 names of Blackhorse Troopers were collected in Washington DC at the dedication of the "Three Fighting Men" statue near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The 11th ACR has a long and proud history. The regiment maintains its official web page here.
The 12th Armored Division Association was founded immediately after WW II. It sponsors a yearly reunion and publishes the Hellcat News monthly. 12th Armored Division Museum is dedicated to the members of the division whose efforts helped bring victory in World War II.
13th Engineer Battalion (7th Infantry Div.), describing the history of the unit and services to its veterans.
15th Combat Engineers Battalion Assocation is open to all who served in Vietnam or other times.
17th Infantry Regiment Assn. has WW II and Korean War photos plus reunions and many other items of interest.
As one of the infantry regiments of the 4th Division, the 22nd Infantry Regiment spent eighteen days in November and early December 1944 in the Hürtgen Forest. This was but one of its historic campaigns from Little Big Horn through Vietnam. See also: 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry history with 1000 webpages and over 5000 photographs and illustrations.
23rd Infantry (Americal) Division. Dedicated as a living memorial to veterans of the Americal Division, US Army.
The 25th Infantry Division (Tropic Lightning) Association provides history, information about the battalions and regiments of the Division, with related links, plus news and information for veterans. See also this page for US Army Photographs of the 25th Infantry Division.
The 28th Infantry Division (Mechanized) - formed in Pennsylvania at Fort Indiantown Gap - fought in five major engagements with First Army after landing in Normandy from the period of July, 1944 through May, 1945.
The 29th Infantry Division achieved fame in Normandy, France on D-Day 1944 as it assaulted bloody Omaha Beach and led the way for victory in Europe.
History of the 31st Infantry Division "Dixie"
History of the 32nd Infantry Division, "Red Arrow", grom the 32nd Division to the 32nd Infantry Brigade.
45th Infantry Division, Oklahoma and Colorado National Guards, contains relevant and unique historical information on the 45th Infantry "Thunderbird" Division, including veterans stories, in our history section.
Unofficial history of the 1st Bn, 61st Infantry (5th Infantry Division). From WW I through Vietnam to its current role as a training batallion at Ft. Jackson, SC, the the 1st of the 61st has been focused on the basic job of the infantry. rifles, bayonets and soldiers doing soldier's work.
The 62nd Corps Aviation Company ("Royal Coachman") provided all air transportation assets for XXIV Corps during Vietnam and after, one of the safest, most competent and most professional aviation units in the history of Army Aviation.
The 66th Armored Regiment is the oldest armored unit in the United States Army, tracing it's lineage to the beginning of the Tank Service in February 1918.
69th Armor Association Web Site. History and current activity of the 69th Armored Regiment. Links to lots of other units. See alsp: 1st Bn 69th Armor (Black Panther) "Vitesse Et Puissance". This site is dedicated to everyone who served in the 1st Bn 69th Armor. A richly detailed site of many photos and personal stories from Vietnam along with other history of the unit.
70th Heavy Tank Bn Armor Assn. Site honors veterans and helps locate former members of the 70th Heavy Tank Battalion who served during and after the Korean War.
70th Infantry Division Assocation Home Page. "The bond that was formed at Camp Adair and Ft. Leonard Wood and cemented in the sacrifices of original members and combat replacements in the bitterly cold Vosges mountains defies description."
75th Infantry Division history and bibliography compiled by German historians.
75th Ranger Regiment Assn. members are the soldiers who have contributed to the rich heritage of the 75th Ranger Regiment. See also the US Army Ranger Assn.
LZ Hurricane is devoted to preserving the history of the 82nd Field Artillery Regiment. LZ Hurricane contains the unit history, a memorial page for the units KIA and WIA and roster pages for each Battery containing the names of current and past veterans of the Battalion from its' beginings in 1917 thru today.
Brave Cannons is the website of the 1st Battalion, 92nd Field Artillery Assn. provided for Veterans, family members and friends, Veterans of affiliated units, and to all with interests in the 1/92nd.
95th Infantry Division Association, "Iron Men of Metz", formed by General Harry L. Twaddle, commander of the 95th Infantry Division.
"Deadeye Ready" is the official web site of the 96th Infantry Division Deadeye Association, the "Deadeye" Division of World War II. See also Veterans of the 96th Infantry Division and Remember the Deadeyes.
101st Airborne Division Association, "Screaming Eagles" web site. Excerpts from the association magazine, photos, reunion and chapter information, history, veteran's links and more.
E Company, 101st Airborne Division, 506th PIR, the official site of the "Band of Brothers" of Easy Company.
A Company, 101st Aviation Battalion, 101st Airborne Division. Dedicated to the brave and honorable soldiers who served in RVN with A Company, 101st Aviation
103d Infantry Division website with history and veteran's interests.
104th Infantry Division (National Timberwolf Association). An association of World War II veterans of the 104th Infantry Division, U.S. Army.
1st Battalion (Mech) 114th Infantry Regiment, New Jersey Army National Guard
1 Bn., 115th Infantry Regiment, Maryland Army National Guard.
2 Bn., 115th Infantry Regiment, Maryland Army National Guard.
3rd Battalion 116th Infantry Regiment 1st Brigade "Stonewall" - 29th Infantry Division (Light) Virginia Army National Guard.
134th Infantry Regiment website containing historical information about the Regiment including an e-copy of the unit history book, personnel rosters, unit chronologies, photographs, etc.
173rd Airborne Brigade (sep), dedicated to Sky Soldiers past and present.
The 187th Assault Helicopter Company site is dedicated to all the men of the Blackhawks, Crusaders and Rat Pack and all of the supporting units of the 187th Assault Helicopter Company. History, awards, roster, pictures.
225th AAA Searchlight Bn, the Skylighters. Follow the batallion from its date of activation, through stateside training; six months in England; and plenty of action from D+12 through V-E Day in its march across France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and deep into Germany with the Allied armies. Site includes members locator, photos and memories.
History of the 302nd Fighter Control Squadron and its role at Iwo Jima (October 1944 to September 1945).
419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion. History, photos and personal memories of the 419th, part of the 10th Armored "Tiger" Division that advanced toward Germany with Patton's Third Army in the fall and winter of 1944-45 and became embroiled in The Battle of the Bulge.
Delta Company, 2nd Bn of the 501st Infantry 101st Airborne Division, the "Delta Raiders", has the distinct and proud honor of being one of only two Infantry companys in the Vietnam War to have two Medal of Honor recipiants.
503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team jumped onto "The Rock", Corregidor, on 16 February 1945 to liberate it from 3 years of Japanese occupation. Korea and Vietnam are among other actions in the honored past of the 503d PRCT.
The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) was activated on 1 May 1942 at Fort Benning, Georgia and was later attached to the newly designated 82nd Airborne Division under General Omar N. Bradley. History, troopers, battles, awards, and other WW II resources.
The 519th Transportation Association preserves the history of the 519th Transportation Battalion (Truck), the only truck battalion in Thailand during the Vietnam War, with a line-haul operation across the entire Kingdom of Thailand.
This site is dedicated to the soldiers of the 533rd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment 3rd Engineer Special Brigade, which served in the southwest Pacific during World War II.
Unit history of the 533rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Bn, as a tribute and memorium to all who served.
This site is for veterans of the 545th Military Police Company, men and women who served at Fort Bliss, Australia, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, Leyte, Luzon, Manila, Tokyo, Korea, Panama, Fort Gordon, Vietnam, Fort Chaffee, Fort Drum, Bosnia, Honduras, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Fort Hood, Fort Richardson and other scenic vacation spots. Sign to receive a copy of the unit's Buddy Contact Roster with everyone's name, phone number and email address. Stay in touch for life and never have to look for your buddies again!
The 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion history 1944 - 1947. See also this official Information Paper on the "Triple Nickles" from the US Army CMH.
588th Engineer Bn (Combat) (Army) Alumni Home Page. Dedicated to the soldiers who have served in the 588th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Army), and its predecessor, the 388th Engineer Battalion (1942-1954).
610th Transportation Company (AM)(GS), a place to gather for the "Fast and Sure".
644th Tank Destroyer Battalion. "Fortune Favors the Brave" History, campaigns, personnel, casualty lists, and a complete index of WW II TD units.
702nd Tank Battalion "Red Devils" also known as "Patton's Troubleshooters", teamed with the 80th Infantry Division "Blue Ridgers" to crush the toughest obstacles that Hitler's German Army could devise and throw in front of General George Patton's Third Army.
1213th Military Police of the 10th Army Airforce during World War II. The 1213 MP served on Army airbases in India and Burma supporting the CBI theatre of operations moving troops and equipment with cargo planes over the "hump" and bombing the advancing Japanese as they approached India through Burma.
The Berlin Brigade served as the American forces outpost in Berlin. From the end of WW II in Europe into the 1990s they stood 110 miles behind the Iron Curtain as the front line of the Cold War.
Ethiopia - United States Mapping Mission (64th Battalion, Topographic Survey, Corps of Engineers) was activated on 15 July 1963 having the assigned mission of establishing geodetic control and collection of field classification data in Ethiopia to be used in future mapping programs. Website has the history, a multitude of facts and photos, plus a reunion page.
The Mobile Riverine Force Association is dedicated to honor and support of all Army and Navy personnel who served their country with pride and distinction in a place called the Mekong Delta, on water or land.
Military Police of the Vietnam War, dedicated to the MPs who served there.
U.S. Army Ordnance Guided Missile Officers, welcomes those who graduated from the Ordnance Guided Missile School at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL, and were assigned to units of the 4th Ordnance Battalion, Korea and/or were assigned to White Sands Missile Range in the 1960’s.
The Philippine Scouts were part of the regular U.S. Army at the beginning of World War II, with heroic, distinguished service in the defense of Bataan and Corregidor.

Vietnam Dog Handler Association. For "Absent Friends". Of the 8,000 men who served with K-9 units during the Vietnam War more than 231 were Killed in Action. Of the 4,000 Dogs that served, 281 were "Offically" listed as "Killed in Action", but, only 190 were returned home at the end of the war.

The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) seeks to enhance and accredit the cohesiveness, esprit de corps, and traditions of valor of rotary wing aircrews that flew in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era. The VHPA has a membership of over 9,400 helicopter pilots from around the world. This site includes page of links to web sites of individual Assault Helicopter companies and larger units.
US Marine Corps Unit Association Web Sites
Bravo Company. First Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division. Vietnam 1965 - 1970.
C Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, named "Suicide Charley" as they held the line at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, in 1942.
Hotel Co., 2nd Bn., 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division Vietnam service, 1968.
7th Marines (7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Div. FMF). Dedicated to the rich history of this Marine unit, especially its action in Vietnam and the KIA/MIA who did not return.
9th Marine Amphibious Brigade. Sierra 9th MAB the last unit out of Vietnam May 3,1975. Read the Medal of Honor citations for the Marines from 9th MAB in Vietnam.
The Marine Corps Tankers Association seeks to preserve the history and to perpetuate the memory, spirit and comradeship-in-arms of Marine Corps Tankers past, present and future.
The USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association is establishing and maintaining contact with all former Marine helicopter pilots, crewchiefs, gunners, corpsmen, flight surgeons, chaplains, maintenance and other support personnel. The site includes an extensive collection of in-country and combat photos.
The 1st Marine Division Association represents the best of what the Marine Corps stands for. Many activities, including annual reunions and anniversary celebrations, provide venues for all generations of Warriors to gather and enjoy the Family of Arms.
Non-U.S. Unit Association Web Sites
Allied Special Forces Association -- remembering and commemorating those many thousands of men, women and children from around the world who lost their lives whilst serving with or assisting the Allied Special Forces and Resistance Units during World War II and in the many conflicts since.
Army.CA covers all the Canadian army units, regular and reserve.
The Vietnam experience of the Fifth Battalion RAR (Australia) is described with narrative, photos, descriptions of weapons, and many links.
The New South Wales Lancers have served Australia since 1885. This website tells visitors about the Regiment and the museum established as a memorial to those who served their country, a rich source of Australian and military history,

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