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Slogging through the mud in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Slogging through the mud in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Today in WW II: 5 Jun 1940 100 Wehrmacht divisions with 2000 Panzers plus massive air support attack France at four points, outflanking the static Maginot defenses and overwhelming the pathetic Weygand Line.  More 
5 Jun 1941 During the Bombing of Chongqing, 4000 residents hidden in a bomb shelter tunnel are asphyxiated.
5 Jun 1941 German ammunition depot explodes at Smederevo on the outskirts of Belgrade, Serbia, killing 2,500 and injuring more than 4,500.
5 Jun 1944 In the night before D-Day, thousands of US and British paratroopers fly from England to jump over Normandy [5-6 Jun].
5 Jun 1944 In a black Halifax, Team HUGH departed England at 2300 hours, the first Jedburgh team to infiltrate into occupied Europe, landing on French soil early D-Day mcrning.
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Military History - Vietnam
Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Wall is the focus of this web site. History, rememberances, details of the arrangement of names, database of names, and how to support The Wall. See also the page about The Wall.
Vietnam War in the News is an edited, non-political review of Vietnam War related news and articles. While the Vietnam War ended over 30 years ago, the legacy and aftermath continues. Current events and developments are reported here.
Ed Mose of Clemson University has prepared this huge bibliography of books about the Vietnam War and events preceeding or surrounding it.
Images Of My War by Ulf R. Heller, RVN Jul 68 - Jan 70. Personal history, richly detailed, of Lt. Heller's background, training, preparations, and service experience in Vietnam. This is a very well written contribution to the collective memory of the war.
Hell's Half Acre: The Combat Soldier in the Vietnam War has photographs, artwork, uniforms and equipment of the Americans who fought in the Vietnam war to help give insight of how the soldiers who served with honor in Vietnam lived and fought.
Army aviator Jack Heslin provides his first hand account of the historical events at the Battle of Kontum in the spring of 1972. As described here in text, photos and maps, the firepower of the helicopter gunships and the Air Force bombers were an essential element in the successful outcome of the battle. A discussion board and guest book bring the comments and stories of other vets in to provide more details and depth.
History of the Vietnam War is an extensive page of links and document references for researching the Vietnam War with materials from many countries and political points of view.
The Vietnam I Remember. Photos and stories from two tours as a Marine Corps photographer.
In-Country Women is dedicated to the nine military nurses and fifty-eight civilian women who died in Vietnam while serving their country. It is also dedicated to the only woman still listed as a POW/MIA, Dr. Eleanor Ardel Vietti.
Investigating the Vietnam War. This site is intended to help students to carry out research into the Vietnam War. The places where you can obtain information about the Vietnam War on the Internet have been organised into the following categories: Background Information, Historical Narratives, Time-Lines, Personal Accounts of the War, War Statistics, Military Information, Visual Images, Events and Issues, Vietnam Veteran's Resident Historian, Vietnam War Interview Area, and Biographies plus more.
Canadians in Vietnam is the website of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial Association.
Tom Dier's Vietnam Homepage has very moving Vietnam memories, stories, poetry, and links.
LZ Xray. The Ia Drang Campaign was to the Vietnam War what the terrible Spanish Civil War of the 1930's was to World War II---a dress rehearsal. In November 1965, 450 U.S. soldiers were dropped into a small clearing in the Ia Drang Valley. They were surrounded by 2,000 North Vietnamese soldiers. This web site provides the basic story with photos and maps as well as promotes the fine first-person book about the campaign We Were Soldiers Once...and Young
Vietnam Death Trip is a photo-essay of the author's tour of duty.
History of the OV-1 Mohawk in Vietnam 1962 -1972. Includes unit histories, links to related pages, and stories of the pilots and observers.
The Vietnam War Internet Project is an educational organization dedicated to providing information and documents about the various Indochina Wars and to the collection and electronic publication on the web of oral histories and memoirs of both those who served in and those who opposed those conflicts. Very extensive site.
Lee Benjamin's Vietnam War History Page for veterans, historians, students, collectors and all interested parties.
Army Transportation Assn. Vietnam. Dedicated to the history and memories of those veterans who fought and died in Vietnam and to those special transportation personnel that now live to tell their accounts of war. Provides extensive coverage of land, water, and air transportation units and activities with personal stories and photos.
Guntrucks: Ultimate Roadrage. The story in words and pictures of the Vietnam Gun Trucks with special coverage of "Eve of Destruction", the last remaining example of these special vehicles.
What Tomorrow Brings: Memoirs of a Photo Officer in Vietnam. Website of Roger Hawkins (221st Signal Company, and DASPO) whose footage shot in Vietnam has been used by the History Channel in: Dangerous Missions: Mike Force and Dangerous Missions: MACV/SOG as well as Discovery Channel Wings for Dustoff Helicopter Ambulance Operations in Vietnam.
Vietnam Online, was developed to accompany Vietnam: A Television History, the award-winning PBS television series produced by WGBH Boston. It covers the war in great depth. In particular, the Weapons of War page covers vehicles, aircraft, arms, and equipment of both sides.
War Stories. A site for any Vietnam Veteran to voice personal Vietnam experiences in a short-story format. To date, over 280 Vietvet stories are posted.
This site is dedicated to General Nguyen Van Hieu of the Armed Forces of Viet Nam. It includes many first person accounts of the General, his career, the units he led and their battles, his personal relationships and finally his assassination. You can also purchase the book: Major General Nguyen Van Hieu, ARVN: A Revealing Insight of the ARVN and a Unique Perspective of the Vietnam War from Amazon.

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