World War II Battles

The global scope of World War II meant that something was going on every day from the mid-1930s to the end in September 1945. From the great Theaters of the Pacific, Europe, Mediterranean and the Eastern Front down to individual battles that changed the course of the war, the scope was truly worldwide. While no source can cover everyting that happened in WW II, all the important events, battles and campaigns are here in this section.

Explosions aboard destroyer USS Shaw (DD-373) during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 7 December 1944
Explosions aboard destroyer USS Shaw (DD-373) during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 7 December 1944.
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Today in WW II: 24 Oct 1944 US 7th Fleet units block southern approaches to Leyte while 3rd Fleet aircraft attack Japanese task forces in the Sibuyan Sea [Center Force] and Sulu Sea [Southern Force].  More 
24 Oct 1944 Battle of Surigao Strait: last battleship vs battleship action in history; Japanese Navy Southern Force ambushed by US Navy 7th Fleet; heavy Japanese losses [Leyte, 24-25 Oct].
24 Oct 1945 United Nations organization officially comes into existence.
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World War II Operations, Campaigns and Battles

This section of the history of World War II contains pages that focus on the most important battles and operations, events that will be long remembered from the war. For a day-by-day chronological listing of events, use the World War II Timeline. The page of World War II Maps will be helpful to follow the action. The page on Recommended Books about World War II provides sources for in-depth history as do books recommended on the pages for individual topics.

Directory of World War II Operations and Battles

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