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Militaria consists of all the military things from the past that are still available today. It also includes items from today's military that will be history tomorrow. Collectors, reenactors, and many others appreciate and enjoy these items as a link to important military people and events of the near or distant past.

Everything that was worn, used, carried, or consumed by a soldier falls into the militaria category today. Items that were given little consideration at the time -- e.g. a C-ration can -- may be quite valuable if you have it now. Photos show beaches and other combat areas littered with such things, sometimes being pushed into the sea to make way for more important cargo. We wish we had them in our collections today.

The advent of on-line auctions has made these gems from the past more available than ever, but not necessarily less expensive to acquire.

Sewing MP armbands at the Quartermaster Corps. Philadelphia Depot, May 1942
Sewing MP armbands at the Quartermaster Corps. Philadelphia Depot, May 1942.

Today in WW II: 22 Jun 1940 Vichy France signs armistice with Germany, staged at Compiegne, in the same railway car where Germany surrendered to the Allies in 1918, at the end of WW I.  More 
22 Jun 1940 Army sub-committee of the US Ordnance Department's Technical Committee, issued proposed specifications for a new lightweight vehicle that was to become the first military jeep.
22 Jun 1941 Croations form the First Sisak Partisan Brigade, the first anti-fascist resistance group in occupied Europe.
22 Jun 1941 Operation Barbarossa, German invasion of the Soviet Union, ends the 1939 'nonaggression' pact.
22 Jun 1941 As the Germans invade the USSR, Germany's allies declare war on the Soviet Union: Italy, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.
22 Jun 1941 Britain promises all possible aid to the Soviet Union as the Germans invade.
22 Jun 1944 Soviet forces clear Wehrmacht from Belarus, destroying German Army Group Centre and liberating all Russian territory still held by the Germans from Operation Bagration.
22 Jun 1944 British and Indian troops defeat the Japanese at the Battle of Kohima, India [4 Apr - 22 Jun].
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Militaria: Tangible Military History has an extensive set of pages covering many of the most interesting and popular categories of militaria, primarily from the American military. These sections of will provide crucial information and photos to help evaluate the authenticity and history of all types of militaria.

Here is a directory of those pages. Many of these links are the main page of large sections. See the Site Directory for a more complete list of the pages.

Militaria suppliers and dealers are available by searching the Military Supplier database. Use the quick index at the bottom of any page or the Search Page.

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