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The Internet has a multitude of web sites where Militaria is described, discussed or bought and sold. You can find Militaria dealers through Internet resources listed on this page, on eBay, or by using the Military Supplier Search. On-line Militaria Auctions are discussed on the linked page.

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Militaria Web Resources

Here is a selection of militaria web sites that indicate the flavor of what's out there. The number of Internet militaria sites is large and growing, creating a world-wide market that is very active.

The US Militaria Forum is a great place to learn about militaria and discuss your collectibles, buying and selling. This forum is the gateway to many other resources and a source of good advice.

On militaria-net you can locate UK militaria dealers by an alphabetical search or by a regional search. The site aims to cover all size of dealer from hobbyists to larger business who sell internationally. International dealers can be found on the links page.

Militaria on the Web has an on-line index of militaria advertisements and guides for collectors. Based in UK, they have their own world-wide dealer directory.

MilitariaMart is an on-line shopping centre where you will find a wide range of reputable dealers offering all types of Militaria.

Military Collector Group Post is an international e-mail magazine dedicated to the preservation of history and the equipment that made it. Focus is military radios. is a collection of links and services relating to military history and collecting. They cover books and videos as well as collectibles and such.

Militaria Classifieds is just what it says -- a large list of classified ads for militaria, arranged in categories. Site includes a discussion forum about militaria.

Maple Leaf Up,QM Stores is a free forum for private owners/collectors, for the buying and selling of relevent WW2 British/Canadian GOOD STUFF - uniforms, web gear, weapons, equipment, vehicles, parts, what-have-you. American and other stuff is welcome too, so long as it's period and interesting. is maintained to provide assistance to researchers of Orders, Decorations and Medals awarded primarily by British Commonwealth countries. It has an extensive list of links to all sorts of military sites.

Replica Shop has been created to allow producers and resellers of quality reproductions, imitations or replicas to gather together under one roof and market their products to a world wide audience. Their "military" page has some interesting offers from vendors of models, clothing, weapons and more.

American Military Patches of World War Two (by Howard G. Lanham) is an outstanding resource for its subject with many (!) color photos of patches.

Rick's Hat Check Room has photos and articles for great research and background information created specially for military hat collectors.

Broad Arrow is the premier site for military watch enthusiasts. Includes links to other excellent resources such as Hyunsuk's Military Watch Gallery, a tutorial on U.S. and British issue military wrist watches plus those of other countries including outstanding photos of the watches and bands. Visit the Military Watch Section for much more on U.S. military wrist watches.

Olive drab beer cans were shipped overseas for the GIs during WW II. Several websites show samples of these cans, few of which survive today.

Militaria Dealers

Use the Military Supplier Index at the bottom of any Olive-Drab page to search the Olive-Drab database for militaria dealers and other businesses who specialize in military supplies, books, vehicles or related. You can also search for dealers by location or by words in their listing. Click on Search at the top right of any page to try it out.

Links and phone numbers change frequently and may be the last to know. If you find a link to be broken or otherwise not what you expected, or if you want to add someone to the list, please contact

Find More Information on the Internet

There are many fine websites that have additional information on this topic, too many to list here and too many to keep up with as they come and go. Use this Google web search form to get an up to date report of what's out there.

For good results, try entering this: militaria. Then click the Search button.

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