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Military Vehicle Forms

The operation, maintenance and inventory of military vehicles are controlled and administrated by use of many paper forms. Computerized methods are replacing forms in the 21st Century, but a complete historic military vehicle will have the proper forms from its time period included with the vehicle.

DD 518 Accident Identification Card
DD 518 Accident Identification Card.

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11 Nov 1940 Operation SWORDFISH: Raid on Taranto, Italy, the British Royal Navy's first all-aircraft naval attack, launching obsolete canvas planes from an aircraft carrier [11-12 Nov].
11 Nov 1942 Triggered by Operation Torch in N. Africa, Germans take control of all of Vichy France north of the Riviera.
11 Nov 1942 Allies capture Casablanca, Morocco during Operation Torch.
11 Nov 1942 In the aftermath of Operation Torch, Germany and Vichy France begin negotiations on the fate of the French fleet at Touson.
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Military Vehicle Forms

Operation of vehicles by the military is subject to a military control system. There are a number of forms that are employed for this and a properly equipped vehicle will have forms that identify the driver and the vehicle, keep track of maintenance schedules, forms used if there is an accident and so on.

Each country uses its own set of forms, of course, and the forms change over time. In addition, there may be local regulations in effect on base or at the whim of the unit commander. On this page, Olive-Drab.com has assembled scans of as many of the relevant forms as we can get. If you would like to contribute other forms, or a different version of one of these forms, please contact Olive-Drab. Thanks to Bill Benson for suggesting this project.

In addition to MV forms, there are many other paperwork items that a soldier would carry. Browse the Militaria dealers to get your papers in order.

US Military Forms

DD 110 Vehicle and Equipment Operational Record 1 Nov 1948 (Scan from FM 25-10 Motor Transportation, Operations)

DD 313 U.S. Government Operator's Permit

DD 518 Accident Identification Card. Form 1 May 1951 (Original size 3x5 in.)

Standard Form 91 Operator's Report of Motor-Vehicle Accident April 1963 (Original size 8 x 10 1/2 in.)

DA Form 2408 Equipment Log Assembly 1 Dec 1977 (Original size 8 1/2 x 11 in.) Contributed by Mike Norona.

DA Form 2409 Equipment Maintenance Log 1 Apr 1962 (Original size 8 1/2 x 11 in.) Contributed by Mike Norona.


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