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One of the best ways to get involved with military vehicles is to join the Internet discussions. There are many experienced, knowledgable and friendly folks participating in these groups who are glad to share it all with you. If you have a technical question, need parts or manuals, or just want to read or participate do not pass up this opportunity.

Truck Transport Unit Marines in training May 1942
Truck Transport Unit Marines at New River, NC in training, May 1942.

There are many different groups/mailing lists/forums set up on the Internet. Some are focused on one narrow topic while others are more general. Check around until you find the one just right for your needs and interests. This page has some suggestions to get you started.

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Directory of Military Vehicle Internet Discussion Groups and Forums

The on-line military vehicle forums are your best form of instant help regarding MVs, a great, free resource. The people who participate in these lists range from complete newcomers to real experts with years of experience. You can join in or just read what others are saying. They invite postings showing off your project vehicle, notices for vehicles and parts, wanted or for sale, restoration and a lot of technical support.

The original Military Vehicles mailing list (a.k.a. MV list or mil-veh list) was one of the oldest MV groups. At one time this was an independent email-based list, but is now a Google Group, although not much activity is evident anymore.

Chris Stansbury's Steel Soldiers has many forums established covering either specific military vehicles or common topics such as electrical components. It has grown and prospered due to an excellent arrangement and set of topics.

The Army Recognition Forum invites photos and discussion of recognition information for all types of military vehicles, worldwide.

The G-503 web site has discussion boards specifically for military jeep owners, separated by type of jeep or topic. Willys Military Jeeps is another forum on the topic, with manuals and other downloads, photos, and technical help.

Yahoo Groups (formerly eGroups, formerly ONElist) has a number of discussion groups that relate to Military Vehicles, like these:

Some of these groups are much more active than others and the situation changes from time to time. You should check Yahoo periodically by doing a military topic search (or other choice of keywords) to see if any new lists have been added in areas of your interest. You have to register to participate, but it is free. Interest in these groups tends to come and go depending on the topics, who is participating, and competition from other groups.

For the specifics of Dodge military trucks, there are several services available. The Dodge Power Wagon site covers the military M-37 as well as the civilian Power Wagons, legendary tough trucks. The Power Wagon Advertiser has set up a group of forums covering all aspects of civilian and military Dodge trucks. Jay's Dodge Power Wagon Site covers the civilian and military PWs and offers an ICQ chat room. The WW2 Dodge Forum was set to allow owners and enthusiasts to talk all day about old Dodges, primarily those in the 1939 - 1945 time frame.

For the Kaiser Jeep M-715, visit The M-715 Zone. They have a message board with continuously updated discussions on all kinds of topics related to the trucks. They also have archives, classified ads, and other resources which you should look at. See also the Yahoo M-715 club (above).

International Harvester millitary trucks have their own forum at the indicated link. Other military production, besides trucks, are also open for discussion.

The halftrackinfo forum serves the small community of Half-Track owners and restorers, but there is also a lot of material and discussions that are of general interest to the military vehicles community. For example, they have discussions of paint and rust removal as well as electrical and mechanical systems.

For the German military Volkswagen, the Kübelwagen, here is a link to the WW-II VWs list created for the discussion of the various military Volkswagens of WW II, the civilian VWs produced during the same time, the pre-serie models that preceded them, and the production after the war, while the factory in Wolfsburg was under allied military control.

Ferret Heaven is a newsgroup intended for Ferret owners, users and admirers to exchange infornmation about all aspects of the Daimler Ferret Scout Car.

WillysTech Mailing List. An interactive mailing list dedicated to open discussion of Classic Willys Jeeps (MJ's & CJ's), Wagons, Pickups, Jeepsters, and Forward Control Vehicles.

The Mog Mailing List has hundreds of subscribers and a good message flow about Unimogs.

As the Internet grows, there are more and more very specialized forums that consolidate the interested parties in a very narrow specialty. You can find more of these highly targeted resources by using search engines and by monitoring some of the more general forums for announcements of splinter groups.

Usenet. One corner of the Internet that is often overlooked is the Usenet. It is organized into subject matter interest groups across an extremely broad range of categories, including many with a military theme. There are a number of ways to access Usenet, reviewed on the linked page.