Military Vehicle Magazines and Periodicals

To follow what is happening in the field of military vehicles there are a number of high quality publications available to help and inform. Some of these magazines and periodicals are published by MV organizations such as the MVPA while others are separate ventures serving the MV market. This page lists the most important publications and how to subscribe.

Military Vehicles Magazine, typical cover
Military Vehicles Magazine typical cover.

Today in WW II: 15 Jan 1943 Pentagon building completed as US War Department headquarters after only 16 months of construction, costing approx $83 million.   

Military Vehicle Magazines and Periodicals

In the US, the best single source is Military Vehicles Magazine. They call themselves "The world's largest marketplace for tanks, jeeps, military trucks, parts, and accessories." and I agree. If you can have only one, this is it. Each fat issue has articles on vehicles, restoration projects, news, letters from readers and lots and lots of classified and display ads. The pulse of the military vehicle marketplace is here in every bi-monthly issue. They also have available a ten year index (1987-1997) of the magazine to help you find articles that you need in back issues. [For a limited time, back issues are available from Dave Ahl, the former owner of Military Vehicles Magazine, from his web site.]

The MVPA publishes Army Motors, their magazine for members. A well produced, slick paper publication, "Army Motors" contains news, how-to articles on restoration, history of military vehicles, and contains some advertising for dealers. In some ways it duplicates "Military Vehicles" but as the official MVPA magazine, it has a life of its own as well. MVPA also publishes "Supply LIne" which contains MVPA national and chapter news plus classified and display ads. Since you certainly should belong to MVPA if you are truly interested in military vehicles, you will be getting these publications.

Army Recognition, the extensive website of photos and descriptions of military vehicles and weapons, has a print magazine available for subscription in addition to their photo CDs and other services.

Military Machines International is an excellent, colorful monthly magazine that covers the world's military vehicles from the UK. Each issue is full of picture-packed articles on modern and historic armor and softskin vehicles from all countries plus reports on MV shows, defense industry news, museum visits, restoration projects and informative commercial advertising and reader's classifieds. Available on newsstands or subscriptions from the Model Activity Press Ltd. website.

MV Magazine (UK -- not the same as the US Military Vehicles Magazine) is for enthusiasts and collectors. Published bi-monthly in the UK, is primarily but not exclusively concerned with British military vehicles. North House, Northside Patrington, East Yorkshire, HU12 0PB England. +44 1 964 631244

Classic Military Vehicle Magazine , also published in the UK, offers monthly coverage of the classic MV scene delivered by mail. Subscribe online or write to Classic Military Vehicle Magazine, Kelsey Publishing Group, Cudham Tithe Barn, Berry's Hill, Cudham, Kent TN16 3AG England. +44 (0)1959 541444, +44 (0)1959 541400 fax.

Power Wagon Advertiser has as its mission to cover 1941 to 1970 Dodge trucks, military and civilian. This monthly is the only magazine of its type devoted exclusively to Dodge 4x4s. If your interests include the WW II weapons carriers, ambulances, command cars and/or the post-war M-37 series trucks, PWA is for you. Write to: PWA, 3090 Benton Iowa Road, Norway, IA 52318-9510.

PS Magazine is the Army's preventive maintenance monthly. It is distributed to all organizations within the military which are registered as maintenance shops for vehicles, aircraft, firepower, electronics, or other weapons systems. If you have a vehicle or other equipment which is still in the service inventory, you may find material in the current issues of PS which apply to you. For older equipment, like the M-37 or M-151 trucks, you will often find collections of PS magazines for sale with other militaria, at MVPA events, and so on. There is an page about the history of PS Magazine with more about how to get it.

Armor Magazine is the professional journal of the U.S. Army’s Armor Branch, published by the Chief of Armor at Fort Knox, Ky., training center for the Army’s tank and cavalry forces. It is also one of the oldest publications in the U.S., founded in 1888 by cavalry officers on the American frontier as a forum for discussing doctrine, tactics, and equipment among soldiers geographically separated by the great distances of the American West. ARMOR continues this mission today, although the horses have yielded to tanks and armored fighting vehicles, and the distances between soldiers and units now span duty stations across the globe. Back issues and information for authors at this link.

<<February 2001: Bart Vanderveen has passed away and Wheels and Tracks has ceased publication. If you can get back issues of this fine publication, don't pass up the opportunity.>> Wheels and Tracks is a quarterly international review of military vehicles from WW II to present. Edited by Bart Vanderveen, author of The Jeep and other classics about military vehicles. Technical and historical articles in each issue. RZM Imports, PO Box 995, Southbury, CT 06488. Order: 800-562-7308.

The Second World War in all its aspects is examined in World War II Magazine -- an exciting read for those with all levels of historical knowledge, ranging from experts on the subject to those with only a limited knowledge. Each issue covers well-known and little-known military strategies, battles, personalities, weaponry, espionage and more. Many photos and features related to military vehicles.

Another magazine that focuses the Second World War is World War II History Magazine with detailed and well illustrated articles for the amateur historian.

Jeep World Magazine (formerly Jeep News U.K) is the biggest and best magazine for Jeep owners in the U.K. Glossy A4 size magazine covering every model from WW II to today. Technical tips, advice, MV show reports, off-road activities, history, restoration, and classified ads. Jeep Promotions Ltd., 54 High Street, Beighton, Sheffield, S. Yorkshire, S20 1ED, England. +44 114 2692450, +44 589 516401 tel/fax.

JP Magazine is primarily about modern civilian jeeps, but occasionally covers military versions of the classic jeep.

Unimog Magazine has lots of technical articles, photos, classifieds, trip reports and more regarding the Unimog series of trucks. Available as PDF download from the linked site.

If you have had any interest in antique or collectible automobiles, you probalby know about Hemmings Motor News . Hemmings also frequently has listing of MVs for sale, sometimes restored to factory-new condition (read: very expensive) and sometimes just garden variety trucks and jeeps at modest prices. Hemmings is available by subscription or at the larger local news-stands. Even if you don't buy anything from Hemmings, it can help you keep up on market prices as a supplement to the more extensive coverage found in "Military Vehicles" or "Supply Line". They also have lots of ads for restoration equipment and supplies, transportation, and other services.

In the United States there are a large number of magazines which cover jeeps and off-road activity extensively. These tend, however, to be almost entirely focused on standard commercial vehicles (upgraded for off-roading) with only spotty coverage of military vehicles. Still, there is some overlap and their technical articles on mechanical, electrical, body work and so on is quite excellent. There is a continuous interest in waterproofing, HD towing, winches and other topics which often have military counterparts. There are many advertisements showing the latest equipment. And they do feature (occasionally) specific military trucks, especially jeeps and M-37 Dodge, or coverage of MV events. Visit your local large newsstand to review the astonishing variety available.

Some of the leading magazines include:

  • Petersen's 4Wheel and Off Road
  • 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility
  • JP Magazine
  • 4x4 Power

As an example, in the October 1999 issue of Petersen's 4Wheel and Off Road (Page 6) there is a nice article titled "Jeeps in Olive Drab". It has a photo history of the different models, including some rare ones, and commentary on the many offspring and uses of the jeep.

This Old Truck Magazine covers all makes of light trucks, focusing on factory-new restoration of classics. Although not specifically military topics, there are many relevant articles and ads to help with an MV restoration project. 800-767-5828.

The Jheep Enthusiast Newsletter is the bi-monthly journal of antique 2wd-6wd vehicle, military and civilian. Contact: Roundhaus Printing, 83 Woodhull Rd, Grahamsville, NY 12740.

Join the Antique Truck Club of America and receive their magazine Double Clutch plus free for sale and want ads. Write PO Box 291, Hershey PA 17033.

The American Truck Historical Society offers their publication Wheels of Time covering old trucks and trucking history to its members.

Electric Radio magazine is an excellent source for finding and restoring vintage military radios (and ham equipment). 14643 Country Road G, Cortez, CO 81321-9575. 970-564-9185 tel/fax.

Use the Internet

Dirt Road Magazine is the equivalent of the popular 4x4 magazines like Petersen's 4Wheel and Off Road which fill the rack at the newsstand, but it is only on the Internet. Most of the articles, ads and so on are not about military vehicles, but there are many things of interest plus the occasional story or ad which is about MVs.

The Internet now has many sites which carry advertisements of vehicles for sale. These sites are beginning to supplement or replace limited circulation magazines for specialized interests. Many of these regularly or at least occasionally have military vehicles. Refer to the page on Buying and Selling Military Vehicles On the Internet for a list of websites you can use. Google and other search engines will help find new ones which are arriving every day. has a whole section on Military Vehicle Information Resources that includes links to a huge number of MV-related websites that provide articles and information that used to be confined to magazines. This trend will grow as good quality websites increase in number.

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