Military Vehicle Technical References

MV Technical References

On this page you will find links to materials which are found on Olive-Drab and not elsewhere on the web. This page will be expanded as additional things become available. If you have written up a project or have scanned in a manual or otherwise have created something unique, please let me know so we can add it to this resource.

Training in maintenance and emergency repair of halftrack, Ft. Benning, GA, April 1942
Training in maintenance and emergency repair of halftrack, Ft. Benning, GA, April 1942.

Today in WW II: 11 Apr 1942 RAF Bomber Command drops the first 8,000-pound Blockbuster bomb [aka "cookie"] from a Halifax aircraft on Essen, Germany. More 
11 Apr 1945 US Army troops liberate Buchenwald concentration camp, already taken over by its inmates.
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Download Military Vehicle Reference Publications

Clutch Specs from PS Magazine

Thanks to the efforts of contributors, some US military publications are available for download here. These documents originate from on-line military sources referenced elsewhere on Olive-Drab, but are included here because they are especially interesting topics for military vehicles. Documents in PDF format (with extension .pdf) require the Acrobat reader (available for free download from Adobe). Some of these files are quite large so be selective.

M-Series Wiring Documentation

Several documents are available on to explain the electrical wiring of the popular American M-Series vehicles:

Other Reference Materials

In addition to the information available from this page, there is a full section with information on Military Vehicle Camouflage and a very detailed page describing Olive Drab Paint for Military Vehicles.

Using 12 volt bulbs and other equipment in 24 volt systems is described on this page.

In this document, Harris Neil describes How to mount a heater unit from an M-151 jeep into an M-37 3/4 ton truck.

Here, Harris Neil describes how to install turn signals into an M-37 3/4 ton truck.

Mike Sommer provided this write up on converting the headlights in his M-37 to 12 volts. The description will work, with few or no modifications, on most American M-series military vehicles.

Darryl Bauman has written up how to replace a leaking pinion seal, a common problem on MVs.

Courtesy of Richard Notton, here is a diagram of a 24V cooking vessel provided to British troops to prepare food, tea etc. in vehicles on the road.

Richard Notton has written up this information about British lubricants, their US equivalents, and a lot of generally useful wisdom.