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Military Earthmovers

Military tractors and bulldozers are used for construction and for towing heavy loads. They often fill in for other vehicles where their extreme maneuver capabilities and heavy towing capacity are indispensable. Bulldozers have even served as assault vehicles, moving against enemy positions with a dozer blade, when nothing else was available. Some of the tractors/bulldozers used by the military are minimally adapted civilian models while others have been designed specifically for military missions.

Other earthmovers, such as graders and scrapers, are typically civilian models with only minor modifications for use by military engineers. See also Cranes.

Soldiers wearing gas masks work with a bulldozer to install a culvert, World War II, 1942
Soldiers wearing gas masks work with a bulldozer to install a culvert, World War II, 1942.

Today in WW II: 13 Apr 1941 Belgrade, Yugoslavia's capital, falls to German forces.  More 
13 Apr 1941 Soviets and Japanese sign neutrality pact.
13 Apr 1943 Radio Berlin reveals the German army discovery of mass graves of Poles massacred by Soviets in the Katyn Forest.
13 Apr 1945 Soviet Red Army enters Vienna, Austria.
13 Apr 1945 Japanese wiped out on Fort Drum island, Manila Bay, Philippines after assault team sets off explosives in 3000 gallons of diesel fuel.
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Chart of Military Earthmovers

In this chart of military earthmovers, click on the photo link to go to the page of photos and information for the specific truck. See also Military Tractors.

Vehicle Description Photo Link
WW II Tractors/
Tractors and bulldozers, large and small, were used all over the globe for a wide variety of tasks during WW II. WW II Tractors / Bulldozers
D-7 D-7 Caterpillar Bulldozer D-7 Caterpillar Bulldozer
TD-20 International Harvester TD-20 Tractor / Bulldozer International Harvester TD-20 Tractor / Bulldozer
M-9 ACE M-9 Armored Combat Earthmover (ACE) M-9 Armored Combat Earthmover (ACE)
DEUCE Deployable Universal Combat Earthmover (DEUCE) Deployable Universal Combat Earthmover (DEUCE)
M-728 M-728 Combat Engineer Vehicle (CEV)
Based on M60 tank hull.
M-728 Combat Engineer Vehicle (CEV)
290M Clark 290M Tractor, Wheeled, Diesel Engine Driven Clark 290M Tractor, Wheeled, Diesel Engine Driven

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