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Armored vehicles are covered in multiple places on Olive-Drab.com as well as by other fine web sites. This pages provides a directory to tanks and other armored vehicles, places where you can find photos, technical specs and other information.

Italian Leopard 1 A4 Tanks in Kosovo
Italian Leopard 1 A4 Tanks in Kosovo
Photo: Courtesy Brion Patrick.

M-4 Sherman Tank, WW II
M-4 Sherman Tank Production Photo, WW II.

Today in WW II: 19 Sep 1941 Encircled Soviet armies at Kiev finally fall to German attacks after a savage battle; pockets of resistence continue. More 
19 Sep 1944 Battle of the Hürtgen Forest begins with a probe toward the town of Schmidt by US 60th Infantry Regiment.
19 Sep 1944 Finland signs armistice with the Soviet Union.
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Tanks, Halftracks and Other Armored Vehicles on Olive-Drab.com

These Olive-Drab.com pages are about armored vehicles:

Additional photos and information will be found in the Olive-Drab.com Historical Military Photo and Poster Gallery.

Armor or APC Internet Resources

Armoured Acorn. A modeller's view of armoured and soft-skinned vehicles, their markings, care and feeding. Canadian vehicles our specialty.

The aim of Armour Archive is to track down and record the details of all preserved armoured vehicles around the world. This includes vehicles in museums and private collections; memorials; and battlefield, roadside and range relics. Tanks of all nationalities are covered, from the Sherman to the Tiger, Centurion to Chaffee, M13/40 to T-72 from all countries of the world. This site is very extensive and features photos and details on a wide range of armored vehicles as well as links and other sources for armor information.

The Army Technology web site is a comprehensive resourse directed toward the ground warfare defense industry in the US and worldwide. Here is their index page for Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Upgrades.

Doug Greville's Heavy Metal armored vehicle site from Australia. Full of information, pictures, and links relating to armored vehicles including many photos taken in Europe at the D-day commemoration, plus "wreaks and recoveries" from Australia. Be sure to read his "HInts for Enthusiasts" if you dream of owning armor!

US Military Armored Vehicles Internet Resources

Fighting Iron is an informational site that started around an M-3 Half-track restoration project. It now includes a restored Ford GPW and a second M3A1 Half-track. A resource for collectors and restorers with lots of photos and explanations.

General Dynamics Land Systems designs, manufactures and supports armored weapon systems (the Abrams tank and others) and electronic products for the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps and a number of allied nations.

Light Armored Vehicle (LAV-25) is described, with photos, on this page from the FAS and on this Olive-Drab.com LAV-25 page.

The M-3A3 Stuart Tank is covered in detail in this well-illustrated site. Lots of technical specs, restoration description, and practical experience.

The M-4 Sherman Tank, one of the main tanks of the US and its allies in WW II, is covered on this site called The Sherman Register. The Sherman Register has grown into a non-profit organization with contacts around the world dedicated to the preservation of Sherman tanks and related AFVs.

The M-113 family of vehicles. The M-113 is possibly the largest family of armored tracked vehicles, with over 72,000 vehicles worldwide and more than 40 different variants. Visit the Olive-Drab.com M-113 APC page in the Military Vehicle Charts.

This site is dedicated to the Patton series of tanks, named after General George S. Patton.

The State of Michigan has a very nice web page of U.S. armor in recognition of the central role of Chrysler Corporation in Detroit in the U.S. Army tank program. Includes history and photos for many tanks starting with WW I.

World War II Armor and Halftracks Internet Resources

Juggernauts of the Second World War has a long list of photos of armored vehicles from WW II, from all participating countries: German, Soviet, American, British, Italian, and more.

Junk-Halftracks.com is Frank Robertson's website where he provides details on his restoration of two M3 halftracks plus lots of photos, information and links that are valuable to anyone doing a halftrack or armor project.

Roberts Armory is a traveling museum that specializes in the acquisition and display of light armored vehicles and artillery used by the U.S. Army in World War II. The museum participates in WWII related displays, parades, motion pictures and reenactments throughout the United States. The purpose of the museum is to preserve the history of World War II and to honor those who served. Site features many photos, explanations of restoration and R&D, historically accurate reenactment and links to other WWW resources.

German Armor Internet Resources

Panzer Net. This web site is motivated by interest in armoured vehicle modelling, and includes a great deal of information about tanks and AFVs from many countries and eras.

Panzerwaffe is a Polish site with many pages of World War II armor descriptions, drawings, camouflage samples, marking rules, division marks, organization of armor divisions and much more in over 3300 files. Mainly in Polish.

Panzerkeil has Second World War tank battles, Order of Battle, photos, histories and more.

Das Weblexikon Panzer is a German site covering all the world's armor with photos and detailed descriptions.

Finnish Armoured Vehicles - 1918 Onwards by Janne Kemppi lists over 60 vehicle types with notes on their origin and use.

Other Countries Armor Internet Resources

The Armor Site has descriptions of many of the world's MBT armored vehicles, such as Kampfpanzer Leopard 2 MBT.

The Israeli Merkava is the innovative tank designed by Major General Israel Tal as detailed on the linked Olive-Drab.com page.

Tank Driving Events are offered in the UK by Training World. The web site describes the training offered along with photos and descriptions of Chieftain and other armored and thin skinned vehicles.

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