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U.S. Army Dodge Trucks on the Internet

An American bulldozer and Dodge Command Car in the streets of St-Lo, Normandy, France, 1944
An American bulldozer and Dodge Command Car in the streets of St-Lo, Normandy, France, 1944.

This listings on this page provide links to some of the many websites and forums devoted to the very popular Dodge light trucks built during WW II and afterward. Refer to the Dodge Military Trucks page for much more information and photos.

An Overview of Military Dodges is one of a series of pages on the Off-Road.Com site featuring the WC and M-37 Dodge trucks and their Power Wagon cousins. This is a very well done series of articles with much technical and practical information. You can find the rest with their site search.

Vintage Power Wagons is one of the oldest and largest dealers in military Dodge parts and trucks, as well as the commercial version Power Wagons.

Dodge M37 Registry has extensive documentation on the Dodge M37 3/4 ton series of vehicles including a lot of the variations and contract details. The M37 Registry tracks the owners of hundreds of the M37 series vehicles that remain in existence.

M-37 Restoration by Scott Pedersen provides a photo journal of the transformation of his 1952 M-37 from a fire department brush truck to a revitalized gem. He notes accurately, "There is a fine line between a Hobby and a severe mental illness."

M-37 Disk Brake Conversion and Master Cylinder Upgrade are covered in detail on this site by Helitool Inc. which sells a kit for the brake conversion. Many photos, dimensions, and fittings descriptions make this a very valuable resource for M-37 modernization.

M-37 Radio Installations from Mark's Green Radio web site has scanned pages from the installation manual showing how the AN/VRC-46, AN/VRC-53, or AN/GRC-125 radios are mounted into an M-37.

Steve Andersen provides a web site dedicated to the 3/4 ton Dodge Command Car (WC-56, 57, and 58). This is the vehicle used by General George S. Patton and often associated with him. Lots of detailed specs plus ID illustrations, history and vintage photos.

Gordon's Vehicle Pages has excellent descriptions and photos of WC and other series Dodge military trucks.

The Kempner Power Wagon Museum is a collection of trucks and reference materials that tells how the Dodge Company developed a light cargo truck for the Army, and how these highly successful military trucks evolved into the commercial Power Wagon.

Jay's Dodge Power Wagon Site covers the civilian and military PWs.

The WW II Dodge Motor Pool -- step back in time to the WW2 Dodge Motor Pool and wander up and down the rows of mighty four wheel drive WW2 Dodge military vehicles. Lots of good parts and information sources plus links on this site.

World War 2 Dodge Wiki is Bert Roelofsen's excellent site on WW II Dodge trucks. Photos, specifications, discussion board, links and reference materials. For example, he has posted the complete Dodge "Model Identification and Specification Chart" as it appeared in SNL-G657 "Master Parts Book for Dodge Trucks."

Dodge Type Index is a page in German with photos and brief information about most of the vehicles produced by Dodge, military and civilian.

The Dodge WC-52 is featured on this page in Russian from the Museum of Antique Cars and Motorcycles in Moscow.

The Sweptline '61-'71 Dodge Truck Website has an excellent page of parts sources. Despite the name of the web site, many of the parts companies and salvage yards listed carry what you may need for the older Dodge military models. Other pages of this same site have a lot of interesting info on Dodge trucks, mostly civvy.

U.S. Army Dodge Trucks on

Visit the Olive-Drab Military Vehicle Charts that start here, especially the Light Trucks section where many Dodge models are listed with photos. The Military Vehicle forums and Internet groups page has many listings for Dodge discussion group resources, great sources of information.

Find More Information on the Internet

There are many fine websites that have additional information on this topic, too many to list here and too many to keep up with as they come and go. Use this Google web search form to get an up to date report of what's out there.

For good results, try entering this: ~military dodge trucks or m37. Then click the Search button.