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The U.S. Army jeep is extremely popular the world over and there are a vast number of websites with information, photos, and personal stories about the military jeep in all its forms. This page is a sampling of such sites and many more can be found using your search engine.

American pilots with jeep in Africa, outside a hut made from a fighter plane packing crate, February 1943
American pilots with jeep in Africa, outside a hut made from a fighter plane packing crate, February 1943.

Today in WW II: 18 Sep 1939 Soviet troops link up with German troops at Brest Litovsk and Vilna, dividing Poland.  More 
18 Sep 1943 US Army, Marine, and New Zealand troops land on Vella Lavella, fifteen miles northwest of Kolombangara, between New Georgia and Bougainville, Central Solomons.
Visit the World War II Timeline for day-by-day events 1939-1945! See also WW2 Books.

World War II Jeeps has a huge database of photos of WWII jeeps, and most other military vehicles. Use these links for WWII-era jeeps: is a sister site to providing access to thousands of catagorized and indexed photos of military vehicles and artillery.

"How the standard WW2 jeep really came into being" tells the history of the Bantam army jeep well, with interesting photos from the early Army trials. Another page on the same site is called The Story of the SAS Jeep. That page traces the background of the vehicles chosen to support the SAS desert raiding force to weaken Rommel's supply lines in North Africa early in WW II.

Wm. Spear's American Bantam website covers the saga of the Checker Bantam jeeps along with much other information about American Bantam and the origin of the jeep.

A Bantam Jeep photo album.

The story of the Bantam Car Company in Butler, PA that built the Bantam Jeep, with a photo of their BRC-40.

Photo album of one of the Bantam BRC-40s, fully restored.

G503 Website logo

G503 is a wide-ranging site covering the WW II jeep (standard nomenclature designation=G503). Includes a huge fund of information plus jeep parts and vehicles for sale. Check out their downloadable jeep film clip library. See the G503 serial number index to help determine when your MB or GPW was delivered. Also includes Jeep-Draw, a section designed for the military jeep restorer that has available technical drawings, construction photographs, and specifications for MB/GPW jeeps. Their Request Board provides a forum for getting help with questions about fabrication of parts. Well worth a visit.

42 Ford GPW has all sorts of fascinating facts about the Ford GPW and Willys MB jeep as used by the US Army and allies during World War Two.

Benny's Willys Jeep has a wealth of information and great photos of military jeeps with a full discussion of restoration projects. The site can also be used to advertise vehicles or parts. Site available in English, French or Dutch.

Brian's Military Jeeps of WW II is a very comprehensive site with the history of the jeep, many details of its manufacturing and distribution during the war, and tips for restoration. A great resource.

Willys jeep of World War 2 has historical information, lots of photos, and tidbits from MV shows and other places where jeeps are found. is dedicated to flatfender jeeps, both military and civilian, and their repair and restoration. Lots of technical and other help here.

Canadian Army jeeps, from before WW II forward, are reviewed by Colin Stevens. Many photos are provided along with Colin's information compiled over many years of experience.

Souchman's Home is a site in French with very complete coverage of the early jeeps and some of the special series like the GPA. Very good drawings of jeep markings and unit designations from the WW II period. Online technical information with illustrations from the Army TMs. (Thanks to Xavier Henninot for this suggestion.)

Jeep Hotchkiss M201 is a site in French with many photos, descriptions, links, clubs and other resources about military jeeps. They also list videos and books (in French) about the maintenance of jeeps. Dedicated to post-war flat fender jeeps, especially of interest to those people who are Willys, Ford or Hotchkiss owners (or are prospective ones).

The Sun Never Sets on the Mighty Jeep: The Jeep During World War II. An exhibit from the UALR Public History Program and the Arkansas History Commission.

Jeep Willys MB 60 anos de glória. Joao Paulo Lopes of Sao Paulo, Brazil produced this site honoring the Willys jeep in Portugese. He shows, with many photos, the restoration of his own 1942 MB and provides other facts about MB´s, GPWs, friends´ jeeps and the Brazilian Army jeeps in WW II. makes a replica of the WW II jeep trailer -- called "The Classic Jeep Trailer" -- based on the MB-T (Willys) and T3 (Bantam) Trailer.

Charlie's Willys Jeep Site is a detailed photo history of the restoration of 1942 MB177805, taken from a pile of rust in 1992 to a well restored, running vehicle today. Site includes an excellent list of jeep books.

What Type of W.W.II jeep do I have? Article about how to tell what model your is, detailing many variations.

Military Jeeps -- General

History of the military jeep. This is the 1940 and 1941 part of the US Army jeep story from the first prototypes to the Army order. With pictures of surviving vehicles from the early history. This page links into the rest of the history maintained by

Tales of an Old Jeep is fiction, but it brings home in a very moving way what the hobby of restoring military jeeps is really all about.

A Brief History of Jeeps tells the story of the development of the military jeep for WW II and then continues with the evolution of the civilian jeep product lines to the present day. The M-151 is ignored here.

Will The Real Jeep Please Stand Up traces the early history of jeeps and the origin of the name. Very detailed.

Willys Jeep Trucks, by Rick Grover, is an excellent resource on the history of Willys, all models of military and civilian vehicles manufactured, and lots of information and links.

The Russian Jeep Pages feature photos and descriptions (in Russian) of most military and civilian jeeps.

Sean MacLennan has a very nice page of information on the military jeep in many of its variations. History, specifications, photos, links.

Duane Forrester operates A Jeep Thing, a large site with a wide scope of valuable information and advice about jeeps and off-roading.

Jeep Links City is the starting point for jeep webrings (separate ones for Willys, CJ, YJ etc.) as well as Jeep Malls full of jeep-related product goodies at

WillysTech Knowledge Base and Web page plus info about the Annual Midwest Willys Jeep Reunion & Swap Meet. Some military jeeps are pictured.

Jeeps Only has a big assortment of links, ads, articles and facts about... Jeeps of all kinds, military and civilian.

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