M-422 Military Jeep

The relatively rare M-422 Mighty Mite military jeep was designed by Mid-American Research Corporation (MARCO) and manufactured by American Motors to meet the need for a light, air-transportable jeep for the Marine Corps. It was upgraded to the M422A1 after a short production run of the M422 version.

M-422 USMC jeep at Camp Bruno Hochmuth (Phu Bai Combat Base), Vietnam. Photo: Courtesy of Lida Bensinger.
M-422 USMC jeep at Camp Bruno Hochmuth (Phu Bai Combat Base), Vietnam. Photo: Courtesy of Lida Bensinger.

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M-422 Military Jeep Description

Although design started in the mid-1940s, M422 jeep production records show 3,922 were built by American Motors starting in 1959 and ending in 1962. After a few hundred were built, it was replaced by the M-422A1 which was about six inches longer and had a few other improvements. With an aluminum body, independent suspension, differential-mounted brakes, and an AMC V-4 air-cooled engine, this unique, small jeep is prized by collectors. More photos on this page about the M422 jeep in the jeep section of the Olive-Drab.com Military Vehicle Charts.

Another version, the M422A2, was designed but there is no record of actual production. An M416B1 1/4 ton trailer was available for use with the M422.

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M422 and M422A1 Characteristics

The M422 and M422A1 shared the AMC AV-108-4 4 cyl., 107.8 cid engine that developed 55hp at 3600rpm, mated to the New Process 4300, 4 speed transmission and integral single speed transfer case. Front and rear axles had locking differentials. The vehicles are rated at 1/4 ton for their 500 lb cross-country payload.

  M422; M422A1
Weight, Gross 2700 lbs 2780 lbs
Weight, Net 1700 lbs 1780 lbs
Max Towed Load 1500 lbs 1500 lbs
Length 107 in 113 in
Wheelbase 65 in 71 in
Width 60 5/8 in 61 in
Height 59 1/2 in 64 1/2 in
Fuel tank 12.5 gal 12.5 gal

For both the M422 and M422A1, the 4 ply nylon tire size is 6.00x16 and the maximum authorized road speed is 55 mph. Both have the military standard 24 volt electrical system.

M422 and M422A1 Manuals

The manual set for the M422 and M422A1 1/4 ton trucks included:

  • TM 9-2320-225-10 Operators Manual
  • TM 9-2320-225-20 Organizational Maintenance and Repair
  • TM 9-2320-225-35 Power Train, suspension, Brakes, Steering, Body
  • SL-4-00882A USMC Stock List, Repair Parts List

The full nomencalture for this jeep is Utility Truck, 4x4, Lightweight, 1/4-ton, M422 (or M422A1). According to TM 9-2320-225-10 (1 April 1966), the M422 is identified by FSN 2320-546-3099 while the M422A1 is FSN 2320-753-0103.

M-422 Military Jeep on the Internet

The M-422 military jeep is rare, but popular with collectors due to its association with the Marine Corps and Airborne operations. Their reasonable size, ready availability of parts, and great off-road capabilities add to the appeal. There are some good websites and forums devoted to the M-422 military jeeps, some of the best collected on the linked page.

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