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In addition to the many military vehicle categories covered in other sections of Olive-Drab.com, this page lists resources for other American military vehicles.

Marines with an M-Gator Utility Vehicle, USMC Exercise Urban Warrior 98, Camp Lejeune, NC, 23 January 1998
Marines with an M-Gator Utility Vehicle, USMC Exercise Urban Warrior 98, Camp Lejeune, NC, 23 January 1998.

Today in WW II: 14 Jun 1939 Japanese blockade the British concession in Tianjin, China, a crisis which almost precipitates Anglo-Japanese war [Tientsin Incident].  More 
14 Jun 1940 German army seizes Paris as French government flees to Bordeaux.
14 Jun 1940 Auschwitz concentration camp receives 728 Polish political prisoners from TarnÚw, Poland, the first residents of the camp.
14 Jun 1941 Axis financial assets in the US frozen.
14 Jun 1941 Soviet Union conducts mass deportations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, sending deportees to Siberia.
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Military Vehicles on Olive-Drab.com

Visit the Olive-Drab Military Vehicle Charts. Many US military vehicles, soft-skin and armor, as well as helicopters, light planes, engineer equipment and much more are listed with photos and information. The huge Olive-Drab.com section on Military Vehicles starts at the linked page.

US Military Vehicle General Internet Resources

US Land Warfare Systems are covered in detail on this site created by the Federation of American Scientists. Detailed descriptions, with photos, are provided for hundreds of trucks, armor, and artilliery types in the US inventory.

Technical Bulletin TB 746-93-1, Color and Marking of Military Vehicles, is reproduced in part on the M38A1.com web site. This US manual is dated 26 October 1964 and gives the correct lettering, star positions and so forth for the markings used at that time, post-WW II and pre-camo patterns.

Roscommon Equipment Center develops and tests equipment for fire control specializing in the conversion of U.S. military vehicles to wildland fire suppression units. Their web site has a number of downloadable reports regarding M-1008/9 CUCV, HMMWV, 2 1/2 ton and other military vehicles they have worked with. Topics include an analysis of the HMMWV, conversion from 24v to 12v electrical systems, and engine repower experiences.

ArmorFoto has a big collection of photos and information about US armor and wheeled vehicles plus artillery and small arms.

This site, in French, has a good gallery of photos of US military trucks from WW II to recent vintage. In addition to the page specifically on military trucks, there are pages on CUCV, AM General and others.

Military Rails Online is a web site that features photos of military equipment loaded onto rail cars for shipment, a roster of US DoD locomotives, and other military vehicle information. Interesting pictures of current era equipment headed to Ft. Lewis Washington from Loredo, TX, part of the I Corps engineering unit assisting the Border Patrol with road building.

Crosley the War Years is the story, with unique photos, of how Crosley Motors Incorporated (Cincinnati Ohio) shut down car production in 1942 and started building trucks and amphibious vehicles.

M-274 Mechanical Mule

Visit the Olive-Drab.com page for the M-274 Mechanical Mule in the Military Vehicle Charts.

David Kelone's Military Mule Page contains history and specifications plus a substantial inventory of Mules and parts for sale.

M-274 Mechanical Mule. Large photo gallary with restoration information.

The U.S. Army Transportation Museum has this page on the M-274 Mechanical Mule.

Other U.S. Assault, Cargo and Support Vehicles

SpecWarNet has a section on their web site about Ground Vehicles used by Special Forces, such as the FAV.

The Chenowth Advanced Light Strike Vehicle (ALSV) is a high performance all-terrain military vehicle designed to penetrate, survive and win on the high intensity battlefield of the future. This page has links to the Fast Attack Vehicle and other military vehicles built by Chenowth.

The Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) was introduced into U.S. Army service in 1996 to replace obsolete and maintenance-intensive 2.5 ton and 5 ton trucks. The prime contractor for the FMTV series is Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc.(see below).

Visit the Olive-Drab.com page for the M-Gator in the Military Vehicle Charts. The M-Gator is a military adaptation of the John Deere civilian Gator tractor.

Helo Transportable Tactical Vehicle (HTTV) is designed to perform strike, reconnaissance and utility missions where extreme off road mobility is required.

The Small Unit Support Vehicle (SUSV) is well covered on this page.

DUKW restoration pages by Hank LaBarbara. Pictures and stories by a dedicated DUKW enthusiast.

Home of the Gamagoat is a comprehensive source of facts and experience with the M-561.

This page has information and photos about the US Army watercraft which unload ships and provide ship to shore logistics.

Military Vehicle Manufacturers & Suppliers

Ford Motor Company has developed the ultimate "Built Ford Tough" F-Series Super Duty pickup truck as a demonstration vehicle for the U.S. Army. More information here.

GM Military is a strategic business unit of General Motors Corporation uniquely positioned to serve worldwide customers in special markets, Military, Government, Commercial and others. Site includes photos and specs for CUCV II, CEMMV and other military trucks.

International Military and Government LLC (IMG), is a wholly owned affiliate of Navistar International Corporation, dedicated to building military trucks for the U.S. and worldwide markets. Their MaxxPro Category I and Category II MRAP vehicles were ordered in substantial numbers in 2007 for the U.S. military.

Marion Body Works, Inc. makes specialized heavy weight truck bodies for the US Army and Marine Corps. This web site contains a number of photos including HEMTT and one of the Patriot Missile platform.

Oshkosh Truck Corporation is the leading manufacturer of specialized military trucks. Major defense and international military products currently being produced at Oshkosh Truck include the M1070 Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET), the Palletized Load System (PLS), various models of the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTT), and the U.S. Marine Corps Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR). Good photo gallery in the Defense section of their web site.

Wenzlau Engineering provides technical data and a photo gallery for their tactical trucks.

Stewart & Stevenson Tactical Vehicle Systems pioneer work, dating from the 1930's, with diesel-power packaging led to current U.S. Army contracts to develop and produce the new Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) program . During World War II, the company built army trucks, overhauled thousands of U.S. Army jeeps and tank engines, and provided diesel-powered generator sets for use on the front lines. They now make the FMTV, as well as operate under other government contracts.

Liftking military forklifts are being used worldwide in peacetime and wartime, working for National Militaries from the US, Canada, Britain and China.

Networks Enterprises, Inc. makes the Load Tamer Cargo Net that is supplied for all U.S. military trucks from HMMWV up to 5-ton.

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