German/Austrian/Swiss Military Vehicles

Some of the most famous of the world's military vehicles originated in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The vehicles on this page are the most prominent of a long line of very high quality MVs ranging from the WW II Kübelwagen through the Unimog to state-of-the-art military trucks produced today.

German Bundeswehr MUNGO Light Airborne Armored Vehicle, Afghanistan, late 2004.  Payload is ten soldiers or 2 tons of cargo. MUNGO was tested by the U.S. Marines at the Nevada Automotive Test Center in early 2004
German Bundeswehr MUNGO Light Airborne Armored Vehicle, Afghanistan, late 2004. Payload is ten soldiers or 2 tons of cargo. MUNGO was tested by the U.S. Marines at the Nevada Automotive Test Center in early 2004.

Today in WW II: 17 Jun 1940 As Germany overruns France, Allied troops execute Operation Ariel, the evacuation of France [15-25 June].  More 
17 Jun 1940 Luftwaffe bombs and sinks the British ship RMS Lancastria with the loss of 5800 troops being evacuated near Saint-Nazaire, France.
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Unimog 404 Radio Truck
Unimog 404 Radio Truck.

Unimog: from the German name Universal-Motor-Gerät (Universal Motor Implement). The first UNIMOGs were delivered in 1949. In 1950 production was taken over by Daimler-Benz, just released from post-WW II Allied restrictions on truck production. Starting in the late 1970s, pecialized versions of the Unimog Model 406 were sold to the US military for combat engineering functions.

For more about Unimog millitary trucks, visit the Olive-Drab,com page about Unimog Model 406/419 Engineering Vehicles (SEE, HMMHE, HMMH and HME) as well as the page about German Army and NATO Unimog Military Trucks.

In 1950-51 the French army ordered 400 Model 2010 UNIMOGs with a 25 hp(DIN) motor. The longer UNIMOG-S 404 started deliveries in 1955, a 60-mile-per-hour, 82 hp (DIN), 1.5-ton transporter available in configurations to serve as a troop carrier, radio communications truck, or ambulance. The S-404 was aquired by armies around the world and remains in use today.

Visit the Olive-Drab,com Military Vehicle Charts where you can find the Unimog page with many photos.

Unimog S-404 FAQ Page. Tons of information on the military Unimog. History, specs, option packages, references. A must for 'mog fans.

Unimog Net has the whole Unimog story, military and civilian models. History, photos, and lots of links to other Unimog sites.

Unimog Forever is for all Unimogs and has some coverage of the 404, the military version of this ultra-tough truck. Classified ad section has trucks for sale including 404s.

Brutus' Unimog discusses his own '62 Unimog-S 404.114 ex Swiss Army Truck and provides links and other useful pointers. Also includes the invaluable Unimog Mailing List Search Page that allows you to rapidly locate the information you need from the archives of several popular 'Mog lists.

Rocky Mountain Moggers are a club with a big assortment of military and civilian Mogs. The web site has a fine collection of resources to buy/sell the vehicles, parts sources, nice photos of trucks and trail rides, radio information and much more.

NSU Kettenkrad

The NSU Kettenkrad is an odd combination of motorcycle and tracked vehicle, produced in Germany during World War II.

NSU Kettenkrad Home Page. Andreas Mehlhorn's page of information and links about the Kettenkrad, the most unusual military vehicle which is a combination motorcycle and half-track.

Kübelwagen and Other German Military Volkswagens

For the German military Volkswagen, the The Kübelwagen Site, has detailed information on the military VW of WW II.

Kubelwagen Skunk Works page with photos, stories, and tidbits on restoring.

Volkswagen type 181 Mehrzweckwagen - Kübel - Pescaccia - Safari - Thing and type 182 Trekker are the subject of this web site which covers VW 181 Facts & Figures.

The VW Schwimmwagen was a small amphibious vehicle built for the German army by Porsche with the first version appearing in 1940. After experience with several early models, the Type 166 -- the best known model today -- entered full production in Wolfsburg. This web site has a very complete history, many photos, and other VW Schwimmwagen resources.

VW Thing History covers all the military VWs from WW II forward.

Military Volkswagen Iltis

Nice page of Iltis images at this link.

The VW Iltis is fully covered by this German site. Text is in German, but the many photos require no translation.

Heiko's Iltispage has many photos and other information about the Iltis, including modifications, also in German.

Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer

Visit the Olive-Drab,com Military Vehicle Charts where you can find the Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer page with many photos.

Alan's Pinzgauer Page provides technical material, history, and photos of his Pinzgauer project.

Swiss Army Vehicles sells the Pinz vehicles and parts. Their website has many photos of the trucks.

Other German and Swiss Military Vehicles

Vehicles and armor of the modern Bundeswehr are covered on this German Army page. [A little difficult to get around if you don't read German.]

This site offers an extensive technical database for the German 4x4 military truck MAN 630 L2A.

DaimlerChrysler AG, the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has expanded its business activities to incorporate the supply of Mercedes-Benz Military Vehicles to land defence customers worldwide. This web page describes their activity and shows photos of some of the vehicles.

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