World War II Military Vehicles

First Ledo-Burma Road Convoy to China, U.S. Army Photo, 1945
First Ledo-Burma Road Convoy to China, U.S. Army Photo, 1945. Click photo for larger version.

During World War II the American Army became highly mechanized, more so than any armed force in history. Even the vaunted German Army, with their celebrated tactics of Blitzkrieg, never achieved the scope and degree of mechanization as the U.S. forces. The U.S. also supplied large numbers of vehicles to Allies. In many ways it was Detroit, representing the vast production capacity of the American economy, that enabled the Allies to win World War II.

For World War II vehicle photos, be sure to visit the Military Vehicle Charts that start here. Hundreds of US military vehicles, soft-skin and armor, from WW II to present are listed, linked to individual pages with background information and photos. Many other pages about WW II military vehicles can be found by using the Directory or via Search.

Find additional photos and hi-res versions of World War II US military vehicles at the Olive-Drab Military Mashup.

Today in WW II: 20 Jan 1942 Wannsee Conference: In a Berlin suburb, Nazi leaders meet to plan the Final Solution, the extermination of all Jews in German occupied territories, Reinhard Heydrich in charge.  More 
20 Jan 1945 Hungary signs armistice with Allies.
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Especially recommended:

  • Vintage Military Trucks has an excellent set of photos of various restored vehicles, WW II and newer, mixed with images of jeep advertising and other goodies.
  • The Wheatcroft Collection is one of the largest private collections of restored military vehicles of WW II. It is not open to the public, but is described in this website. The photographs in the book Allied Vehicles & Equipment 1939-1945 is primarily based on Wheatcroft vehicles.
  • White Star is dedicated to military vehicles dating from the World War II period and features many photos of military vehicles from museums and reenactment events, primarily in Europe.
  • This site is called simply World War II Vehicles. It has a huge collection of photos, technical data and links for many vehicle types from the main Allied and Axis countries. Don't miss this one.

See also the page about Military Museums.

Camp Davis, VA troops riding in 2 1/2 ton truck during WW II. Middle man identified as Cpl. Peterson
Camp Davis, VA troops riding in 2 1/2 ton truck during WW II. Middle man identified as Cpl. Peterson. (Photo: Cape Fear Museum)