Today in WW II: 3 Jul 1940 British shell French ships at Oran, Algeria. More 
3 Jul 1942 Germans prevail in the Siege of Sevastopol, after an eight month struggle, seizing the site of the Soviets' main naval base on the Black Sea.
3 Jul 1944 Minsk retaken by Soviet Red Army.
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NATO Trailer Connector Wiring

Richard Notton (Southampton UK) has provided this information on the pin-outs for the NATO standard trailer connector wiring.

Pin ID Circuit Usage
A Convoy light
B Stop light
C Convoy light
D Ground or 0 volts
E Tail lights
F Spare
G Not used
H Convoy light
I Non existent
J Stop light
K Aux feed
L Not used
M Left turn signal
N Right turn signal