Today in WW II: 30 Mar 1941 German Afrika Korps under Field Marshal Erwin Rommel begins offensive in N. Africa, recaptures lost territory.  More 
30 Mar 1945 As the Wehrmacht is pushed westward to Germany itself, Soviet troops capture West Prussian port city of Danzig.
30 Mar 1945 German fortress city of Küstrin surrenders to Soviet troops after a 60 day siege, opening Reichsstrasse 1, the main route to Berlin now only 50 miles away.
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NATO Trailer Connector Wiring

Richard Notton (Southampton UK) has provided this information on the pin-outs for the NATO standard trailer connector wiring.

Pin ID Circuit Usage
A Convoy light
B Stop light
C Convoy light
D Ground or 0 volts
E Tail lights
F Spare
G Not used
H Convoy light
I Non existent
J Stop light
K Aux feed
L Not used
M Left turn signal
N Right turn signal