Military Games

War games have been a essential part of military education and planning, especially for higher level officers, using everything from simple sand table models to elaborate computer-based systems. Originally Top Secret and costing millions to produce, computer based games are now available to everyone.

In the on-line game category, America's Army is a free war game, launched in 2009 as a recruiting tool by the US Army. It originally was developed for other platforms, but has been rewritten in the on-line format. The game presents a virtual world where players train to acquire military skills, then take on roles in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fleet level wargaming at the Naval War College, circa 1914
Fleet level wargaming at the Naval War College, circa 1914.

A few war games have become extremely popular, such as Raven Shield and Risk at the linked pages.

Today in WW II: 20 Jul 1944 Attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler fails as he survives a bomb inside his Wolf's Lair field headquarters, near Rastenburg, East Prussia [20 July Plot].   

Military Games

As an example of a modern computer-based game, try the highly recommended Aces High simulation of World War II air combat:

Aces High

You should look at the large number of computer/video games listed by For example, this search lists their games with WW II as the theme. is the "Home of Superior War and Strategy Games". The site features excellent strategy and war games that you can't get anywhere else. The military-minded games and related products are aimed at the intelligent, thinking kind of gamers who want something to challenge their brains, not their wrists.
Bombs Away is maintained by gamers for gamers with a common interest in WWII flight sims, and online gaming over the Internet, specifically for B-17 Flying Fortress II - The Mighty Eighth.
Kuma\War provides playable accurate re-creations of real war events released weeks after they occur. Missions are developed using advanced game technology and distributed online.
Operation Flashpoint is a complex, 3D action game, a very deep simulation of combat and military activity based on individual soldiers who gain experience and rank as the game proceeds. The original game is based on the mid-1980s high-tension between the US and USSR. There is a co-op mode for teams. Many mods have been published for alternate scenarios. Thanks to James Coleman for this suggestion.
Urban Resolve is a U.S. Joint Forces Command War Game set in 2015. Its purpose is to guide the development of critical warfighting capabilities for the future joint force commander, with a particular focus on those needed for effective urban operations.
Making History: The Calm And The Storm and its update Making History 2: War of the World are full scale, detailed simulations of a world wide conflict. As the master of the military resources and civilian economy of one of the countries in conflict, you control the progress of history with your decisions.
Strategy and War Game free downloads at this link.
MiniClip has a large number of free games, such as the Rails of War game linked here. is specialized exclusively in military strategy games. Demos can be downloaded for their list of popular gamies.

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