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Comedian Bob Hope (right) with dancers Harold and Fayard Nicholas in a dance step aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga (CV-14), December 1965
Comedian Bob Hope (right) with dancers Harold and Fayard Nicholas in a dance step aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga (CV-14), December 1965.

Today in WW II: 8 Feb 1940 Germans establish the first large Jewish ghetto in Poland in the city of Lodz. More 
8 Feb 1941 US House of Representatives passes the Lend-Lease Act [265 to 165].
8 Feb 1942 Battle of Sarimbun Beach begins, the first stage of the Japanese assault on Singapore.
8 Feb 1942 Japanese Offensive in Burma begins [8 Feb-2 May].
8 Feb 1945 Battle of the Reichswald: British and Canadian forces under Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery begin Operation Veritable [8 Feb-11 Mar].
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Military Humor

Humor has always been a part of military life. Outside the military, humor about the services can be an acknowledgement of the special nature of the military community and how much civilians owe to those who serve. Unfortunately, humor can also be used negatively to denigrate the purpose and life of the military.

Within the military, under the stress of military operations or training, spontaneous humor is a way to deal with the pressure and form bonds of common experience. As one man put it when facing the USMC Basic School’s obstacle course, "It takes a sense of humor and sarcasm."

Therefore, there is a huge body of humorous stories -- both long and short -- and cartoons, as well as songs and shows by comedians, all with the military as the theme and subject matter. To find examples, at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, the Library has dedicated a big section to humor, both Political, and Literary, much of which is military related.

Military Jokes from Readers Digest

There is no end to military jokes, a species that goes back to ancient times. Readers Digest has a long tradition of including "Humor in Uniform" military jokes in every issue, many of them collected at this link.

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Recommended Book of Miliary Humor

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