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Gunner's Mate Technician Ken Kallstrom inspects a shotgun in the small arms locker of the Knox class frigate USS WHIPPLE (FF 1062), 1 June 1983.
Gunner's Mate Technician Ken Kallstrom inspects a combat shotgun in the small arms locker of the Knox class frigate USS WHIPPLE (FF 1062), 1 June 1983.

Today in WW II: 17 Jul 1936 General Francisco Franco stages a military revolt in Spain precipitating the Spanish Civil War. Nazi Germany supports Franco. More 
17 Jul 1944 Protected by the Royal Canadian Navy, the largest shipping convoy of WW II embarks from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
17 Jul 1944 Disaster at the Port Chicago Naval Magazine, CA, where the munitions ship SS E.A. Bryan, explodes killing 320, injuring almost 400 more, many of them African-American stevedores.
17 Jul 1945 Potsdam Conference with Truman, Stalin, Churchill [17 Jul-2 Aug].
Visit the World War II Timeline for day-by-day events 1939-1945! See also WW2 Books.

Military Firearms Resources

John Browning with M-1917 machine gun
John Browning with M-1917 machine gun.

Photos and Clipart. can lead you to Photo Resources and/or Clipart and Graphics Resources that will have more pictures of weapons to add to the ones shown in this firearms section. There are also some in our Graphics Gallery.

Forums: has many forums related to military weapons and associated accessories.

Related to Firearms: Visit the sections on military ammunition, bayonets and web gear.

PS Magazine:Small arms in current use by U.S. forces are covered by the U.S. Army publication PS Magazine. This comic book style bulletin comes out monthly for distribution to all personnel working in maintenance, training, and related activities. It covers all types of systems, including small arms, each month. See the linked page for more information including how to get PS.

Firearms Resources on the Internet

Ambush in Mogidishu is a PBS Frontline report. This page on Weapons in that conflict covers the small arms and vehicles used.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) promotes firearms safety training and rifle practice for all qualified U.S. citizens with special emphasis on youth. The CMP operates through a network of affiliated shooting clubs and associations that covers every state in the U.S. The clubs and associations offer firearms safety training and marksmanship courses as well as the opportunity to purchase surplus military rifles.
Culver's Shooting Page Gun Talk Forums are Internet forums with frequent discussion about military arms and ammo.
Firearms For You is a large shopping site with discount guns, knives, holsters, accessories, and more.
Guns and Tactical Weapons is part of a huge database of about 8000 active direct Military, Government, and Law Enforcement links.
Firearms, knives, and weapons oriented militaria such as web gear, military equipment, and supplies are on sale at Give them a try for rifles, pistols, and unusual military items. If you buy a gun, they will ship to an FFL transfer dealer near you and help you with any required regulations and paperwork. is a free service by a knowledgeable expert to answer all your firearms questions including gun values, shooting, gun identification, gunsmithing and much more.
The Gun Zone is an outstanding website with many articles and reference pages pertaining to military firearms, ammunition, and related topics.
The Korean War web site has an extensive catalog of weapons used by all the armies involved.
Larry's Collection, Weapons. An excellent page of photos and descriptions of WW II automatic and semi-automatic weapons, and pistols.
Long Mountain Outfitters has a great collection of military and special weapons many of which have been in motion pictures.
Small Arms Review is a monthly publication that deals with all aspects of Class 3 firearms, precision rifles, combat shotguns, combat handguns, and more. 223 Sugar Hill Road, Harmony, ME 04942. 207-683-2959, 207-683-2172 fax.
Sniper Country. Information and photos of equipment and tactics of military and law enforcement precision riflemen. or Tom Bowers' Politically Incorrect Machine Gun Pages. Intended to be the best place on the Internet to legally buy, sell and learn about machine guns, suppressors, destructive devices and "Any Other Weapons."

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