Improved Rain Suit

The Improved Rain Suit (IRS) is a parka and trousers set that form a waterproof outer shell, worn over other clothing and gear. It is patterned to match camouflaged field uniforms, similar to ECWCS or APECS, but is lighter in weight. IRS functions strictly as a rain barrier, offering little protection from cold even with its button-in liner. In rain, it holds up better than Gore-tex according to Soldier's feedback.

Woodland Camouflage Improved Rain Suit (IRS) parka and trousers
Woodland Camouflage Improved Rain Suit (IRS) parka and trousers.

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Improved Rain Suit (IRS)

USAF ABU tiger stripe Parka, Improved Rain Suit (IRS) with liner
USAF ABU "tiger stripe" Parka, Improved Rain Suit (IRS) with liner.

The Improved Rain Suit (IRS) is made of SympaTex, a lightweight breathable, waterproof material made by SympaTex Technologies GmbH. SympaTex is a nylon material that is pliable and moisture-vapor semi-permeable. Like Gore-tex, the SympaTex material resists external water while allowing perspiration or other moisture to transfer from inside to outside, thereby keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

The Parka/Jacket of the Improved Rain Suit has a roll-up hood with a visor and drawstring closure. There are armpit zippers for ventilation, a heavy duty full-length zipper in front covered by a storm flap that closes with snaps. The pockets are pass throughs to inner garments. The elbows are reinforced and Velcro closures at the cuffs make a tight fit. The jacket has interior buttons to match the M65 Field Jacket liner for added warmth.

The Improved Rain Suit trousers have a draw-string at the waist, a center zipper, pass through pockets, Velcro closures at the ankles, and long leg zippers for easy on-off. The seat and knees are reinforced.

The Parka, Improved Rain Suit replaces the Parka, Wet Weather, Lightweight and the Trousers, Improved Rainsuit replace the Trousers, Wet Weather, Lightweight. The Improved Rainsuit is less bulky and better fitting than the parka/trousers it replaces.

Initial fielding of the Improved Rain Suit (IRS) to high priority Army units began in Dec 1997, managed by Product Manager-Enhanced Soldier System (PM-ESS), Ft. Belvoir, VA. The IRS is issued one per Soldier in all units. The primary vendor was ORC Industries, Inc.

Nomenclatue and NSNs for the Improved Rain Suit

Item NSN/Notes
Parka, Improved Rainsuit, Woodland
Parka, Wet Weather
SSCNC-IC, NSN 8405-01-443-9606 to 8405-01-443-9633, non-consecutive 7 sizes
Parka, Improved Rainsuit, Universal Camouflage
Parka, Wet Weather
CO/PD-9920, NSN 8415-01-527-4611 to 8415-01-527-4618, non-consecutive 7 sizes
Trousers, Improved Rainsuit, Woodland
Trousers, Wet Weather
SSNC-IC, NSN 8405-01-443-9430 to 8405-01-443-9498, non-consecutive 7 sizes
Trousers, Improved Rainsuit, Universal Camouflage
Trousers, Wet Weather
PD-9920, NSN 8415-01-527-1537 to 8415-01-527-1561, non-consecutive 7 sizes

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