U.S. Military M-1965 Parka

The M-1965 (or M65) parka superseded the M-1951 parka. Described by MIL-P-43496 16 May 1967 as the "Parka, Man's, Arctic, M-65" it evolved through MIL-P-43496F (16 Apr 1990), called in the later versions the "Parka, Extreme Cold Weather." The ECW parka was used by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps but was replaced for most uses in the mid-1980s by Parka, Extended Cold Weather, Camouflage, a new ECWCS development item.

PFC Dane Azill, 3rd Bn, 22nd Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, wearing the ECW Parka and examining a Mickey Mouse boot, Camp Aomori, Japan, 11 Feb 1987
PFC Dane Azill, 3rd Bn, 22nd Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, wearing the ECW Parka and examining a Mickey Mouse boot, Camp Aomori, Japan, 11 Feb 1987.

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The M65 or M-1965 Parka

The M65 Parka (or Parka, Extreme Cold Weather) is a "fishtail" parka, very similar to its predecessor the M1951 Parka. The single breasted, 3/4 length outer garment is made of a water repellant Quarpel treated cotton/nylon blend fabric in shade OG 107. Both the hood and the liner are separate items that attach to the Parka by buttons. The Parka features:

  • Zipper closure with snap-closure flap
  • Adjustable wrist closures on sleeves
  • Two front pockets, snap closures
  • Drawstrings at waist and hem
  • Inside buttons and tabs to attach liner
  • Collar buttonholes for fur rimmed hood
  • Issued in five sizes from X-small to Large

The M65 Parka has had different stock numbers as the item evolved. In later versions, the NSN size range was 8415-00-782-3216 (X-Small) to 8415-00-782-3220 (Large).

The nylon-quilted, polyester batting filled, 14 button "Liner, Extreme Cold Weather, Parka" is described by MIL-L-43466, issued originally 22 Nov 1966 and updated through Revision C, Amendment 1, dated 16 Sep 1987. It has buttonholes at the neck, along both sides of its front opening and on sleeve tabs at the wrists. The Liner comes in five sizes, matched to the Parka sizes.

The separate "Hood, Extreme Cold Weather w/Synthetic Fur Ruff OG 107" was originally rimmed with wolf fur, later replaced with a synthetic ruff. The fabric of the hood matches the Parka in color and materials.

The M65 Parka was worn with the "Parka, Man's, Camouflage, Overwhite, M-1955" (Specification MIL-P-10809).

The M-65 insulating helmet liner replaced the M1951 field pile cap, designed to be worn under helmet or under the parka hood. This item is still in use in 2000s as "Cap, Cold Weather, Insulating, Helmet Liner" (Specification MIL-DTL-43549D, 18 Dec 2000).

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