Parka & Trousers, Wet Weather

The Parka, Wet Weather and the Trousers, Wet Weather together formed the rain suit that can be used as an alternative to the individual soldier's poncho. They first appeared in the 1950s under specifications that were revised in the 1970s and 1980s. The Parka and Trousers, Wet Weather were superseded by the Improved Rain Suit in the late 1990s.

90th Security Police Group Airman, wearing Parka and Trousers, Wet Weather, patrols the flight line in front of a B-52 Stratofortress, F. E. Warren Air Force Base. WY, 25 July 1983
90th Security Police Group Airman, wearing Parka and Trousers, Wet Weather, patrols the flight line in front of a B-52 Stratofortress, F. E. Warren Air Force Base. WY, 25 July 1983.

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Parka and Trousers, Wet Weather

The Nylon Twill Parka and Trousers, Wet Weather are fabricated from a plain weave nylon fabric coated on the outside with a layer of cross linked polyurethane and on the inside with layer of cross linked polyurethane. Originally an olive green garment set, later versions were produced in Woodland Camouflage.

The Wet Weather Parka has a regular sleeve construction, is mid-thigh in length with an attached hood. It has a full zipper front, velcro closures on each sleeve cuff and at the juncture between the front of the hood and the body of the Parka, slash-through pocket openings, drawcords in the hood facing opening, and an elastic drawcord at the bottom. The Wet Weather trousers are ankle length with drawcords in each leg hem, slash-through pocket opening, suspender loops, waist to crotch fly-front opening with no zipper, and a waist drawcord.

Parka and Trousers, Wet Weather Instruction label

These garments are designed to fit over the cold wet uniform. In hot weather it may be desirable to use smaller sized garments. Since an impermeable material is used in the garments, caution must be taken to avoid moisture build up in the clothing (insulation) worn underneath the garments. Moisture build up may be reduced in two ways: by adjusting the inner clothing worn to the outdoor temperature and the activity planned and also by utilizing the closures to permit the heat build up under parka and trousers to escape thereby reducing the moisture within the insulating layers. "Caution - improper use of these garments can produce heat exhaustion within thirty minutes of hard work."

Parka and Trousers, Wet Weather Care label


Do not machine launder. Do not dry clean. Hand wash in warm water and mild soap or detergent using a soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

Nomenclature and NSNs for the Parka and Trousers, Wet Weather

These garments were also known as the Parka, Wet Weather, Lightweight and Trousers, Wet Weather, Lightweight. Parka, Wet Weather was replaced by the Parka, Improved Rain Suit and the Trousers, Wet Weather were replaced by Trousers, Improved Rainsuit.

Item NSN/Notes
Parka, Wet Weather, Woodland
Parka, Wet Weather, Lightweight
MIL-P-43907, NSN 8405-01-053-9202 to 8405-00-001-1551, non-consecutive 6 sizes
Parka, Wet Weathert, Olive Green 34096
Parka, Wet Weather, Lightweight
MIL-P-82277 MIL-P-87098, NSN 8405-01-276-4187 to 8405-01-276-4192
Trousers, Wet Weather, Woodland
Trousers, Wet Weather,Lightweight
MIL-P-43907, NSN 8405-01-053-9400 to 8405-00-001-8029, non-consecutive 6 sizes
Trousers, Wet Weather, Olive Green 34096
Trousers, Wet Weather, Lightweight
MIL-T-87099, NSN 8405-01-276-1532 to 8405-01-276-1537

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