Body Specs PISTOL Spectacles
Body Specs PISTOL Spectacles. Photo courtesy Body Specs.

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COTS Combat Eye Protection: Body Specs PISTOL Spectacles

  • Physical/Functional
    • Adjustable nosepiece provides some degree of custom fit.
    • Interchangeable lenses have anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings.
    • Streamlined design fits the face closely and tightly.
    • Can be worn with an included elastic strap under the helmet.
    • Weight is 1.1 ounces, Lightweight rigid thermoplastic frame.
    • Optional prescription insert available for soldiers who require prescription lenses.
    • One size fits all.
  • Performance/Protection
    • Ballistic-fragment protection meets MIL-PRF-31013 requirements.
    • Compliant with all ANSI Z87.1-2003 optical performance and protection requirements.
    • Clear and sunglass lenses offer 100% Ultra Violet protection.
    • Does not provide laser hazard protection.
  • Components/Materials
    • Frame: Black PC Polycarbonate with temple arms.
    • Ballistic Lens: 2.1 mm polycarbonate lens (clear & neutral state (sunglass))
    • Elastic Headband: Black adjustable elastic.
    • Storage Case: Constructed of a semi hard nylon; fitted with clip-on and 2 belt loops for personnel carry, lens storage compartment, & separate frame and headband storage.

The Body Specs PISTOL is commercially available protective eyewear for non-prescription lens wearers. The PISTOL provides ballistic and UVA/UVB eye protection; has an adjustable nosepiece to provide some degree of custom fit; has an interchangeable lens system that provides ballistic fragment protection; has anti-fog/scratch resistant coatings; has a streamlined design to fit the face closely and tightly; and can be worn with an included elastic strap under the helmet. The PISTOL comes with 2 ballistic polycarbonate lenses (neutral slate/ clear). Each lens is 2.1mm thick and clear coated with anti-fog solution and scratch resistant coating. The PISTOL weighs 1.1 ounces. The lens has a nominal thickness that provides ballistic-fragment protection, and meets United States military eyewear ballistic impact requirements and all American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1-2003 safety requirements. Size: One size fits all, with adjustable nosepiece.

Body Specs PISTOL provides excellent ballistic protection, but does not provide eye protection from laser hazards. If a mission requires laser eye protection, the soldier must wear the Sun-Wind-Dust Goggles (SWDG), Ballistic-Laser Protective Spectacles (B-LPS), or Special Protective Eyewear Cylindrical System (SPECS) (with laser lenses).

NSN Table for Body Specs PISTOL Spectacles Components

Item NSN
Body Specs PISTOL Kit 4240-01-526-9637
Body Specs PISTOL Clear Replacement Lens 4240-01-526-9642
Body Specs PISTOL Body Specs PISTOL Neutral Slate Replacement Lens 4240-01-526-9645
Body Specs PISTOL Replacement Frame (includes temples and strap) 4240-01-526-9653
Body Specs PISTOL Replacement Elastic Strap 4240-01-526-9656
Body Specs PISTOL Replacement Nosepiece 4240-01-526-9714
Body Specs PISTOL Replacement Case 4240-01-526-9663

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