Sun, Wind, Dust Goggles (SWDG)

A soldier from the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) wearing Sun-Wind-Dust Goggles (SWDG), Fort Stewart, GA, during an exercise at the Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk, LA, 5 August 2000
A soldier from the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) wearing Sun-Wind-Dust Goggles (SWDG), Fort Stewart, GA, during an exercise at the Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk, LA, 5 August 2000.

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Sun, Wind and Dust Goggles (SWDG)

The design of the Sun, Wind and Dust Goggles (SWDG) -- one piece lens on a rubber frame -- dates back to the Type 1021 Polaroid Goggles issued in 1942 during World War II. For years they’ve been the standard goggles providing basic encironmental protection. In recent decades they have been improved to provide ballistic and then laser eye protection. SWDGs are worn both by soldiers who need prescription eyeglasses and those who don’t. If you wear eyeglasses, the SWDGs fit over them. One size fits all.

Sun, Wind, Dust Goggles (SWDG)
Sun, Wind, Dust Goggles (SWDG)

The goggle consists of an injection molded rubber frame with a polyurethane foam backing with a skin that contacts the face. The rubber frame holds the lens while the foam provides a seal between the face and goggle frame. The goggle is compatible with standard military prescription eyewear. Flannel covered vent holes allow some ventilation while keeping dust out. Two snap fasteners provide additional lens retention in the frame.

Lens Types with the Sun, Wind and Dust Goggles (SWDG)

Sun, Wind, Dust Goggles (SWDG)
Sun, Wind, Dust Goggles (SWDG).

The lenses are classified by type:

  • Type 1 and 2 (thin acetate) lenses are no longer used since they offer no ballistic protection.
  • Type 3 (clear) and type 4 (sunglass) lenses are a single piece, simple curve, injection molded polycarbonate design with an abrasion resistant coating.
  • Type 5 and Type 6 lenses offer laser protection.

The lenses of classes 3 through 6, with a nominal thickness of 2 mm, provides ballistic protection.

Evolution of the Sun, Wind and Dust Goggles (SWDG)

Several improvements have enhanced the performance and comfort of the SWDG. The foam pad, added to the rubber goggle frame in 1974, was increased in thickness to 1/2" in 1995 to provide better sealing of the goggle frame to the face. Also at this time the snap fastener was changed to facilitate easier lens replacement. The nominal 2mm thick polycarbonate lens was type-classified in 1983 to provide ballistic protection. It replaced the thin acetate lens. Two laser protective lenses were type-classified in 1990. A two wavelength lens (Type 5), green in color, protects against neodymium and ruby lasers. A three wavelength lens (Type 6), brown in color, protects against neodymium, ruby, and double neodymium lasers.

NSN Table for Sun, Wind and Dust Goggles (SWDG) Components

The SWDG kit comes with two single piece ballistic lenses, one clear (Type 3) and one gray (Type 4 sunglass). The kit also includes a rubber goggle frame with retaining strap and a carrying case. The Type 3 and 4 lenses provide ballistic, but not laser—protection. If you need both ballistic and laser protection, get a Type 5 two-wavelength (2WL) or Type 6 three-wavelength (3WL) laser protective lens.

Item NSN
SWDG kit with Type 3 and 4 lenses. Includes case and frame with strap 8465-01-328-8268
Type 5 green lens, 2WL laser protection (lens only) 8465-01-439-3506
Type 6 brown lens, 3WL laser protection (lens only) 8465-01-439-3511
Type 3 clear lens (lens only) 8465-01-109-3997
Type 4 gray lens (lens only) 8465-01-109-3996

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