U.S. Military Recon Gloves

The original form of the "recon gloves" was called "Gloves, Shell, Leather." This WW II glove, developed in 1944, has an all leather black shell with five fingers, and a wrist strap. The recon gloves can be worn with or without matching olive drab wool liners called "Gloves, Insert, Wool" for the World War II issue. The black cloth adjusting strap, with cross bar buckle, across the back of the hand is the identifying feature.

Gloves, Shell, Leather and Gloves, Insert, Wool, the original Recon Gloves issued in World War II.  Quartermaster General photo taken in Italy at the time originally issued to the U.S. Army, April 1944
"Gloves, Shell, Leather" and "Gloves, Insert, Wool", the original Recon Gloves issued in World War II. Quartermaster General photo taken in Italy at the time originally issued to the U.S. Army, April 1944.

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Gloves, Shells, Cattlehide M-1949

"Gloves, Shells, Cattlehide (Black Leather) M-1949" , also called "Recon Gloves" or "D-3A Gloves", were issued from 1949 to 1985 under a series of stock numbers and NSNs.

These gloves were adapted from the "Gloves, Shell, Leather" of 1944 and were usually worn with the knit olive drab wool lining. Unit of issue was normally one set of shells and two sets of inserts.

Recon Glove Label

Labels for the Recon Gloves were either sewn in or stenciled in white on the inside of the wrist. The earlier versions were under standard MIL-G-822 which was replaced by NSN 8415-01-310-7337, the latter called "Gloves, Flexor, Light Duty".

Recon Glove Liners

The olive drab wool liners were a matching five finger glove, but light weight knit construction. They could be worn alone but had poor wearing quality without the leather outer shell. They were labeled with white stencil markings directly on the wool. A similar wool glove liner had open fingers so only the hand and lower fingers were covered, for more dexterity. The "fingerless" liners are called "Glove, Liner, Wool, Cold Weather". The liners were often worn alone as a lightweight alternative glove.

Gloves, Men's & Women's, Leather, Light Duty

This is the modern equivalent of the Recon Gloves, issued under NSNs 8415-01-310-7334 through 8415-01-310-7338 for differing sizes. Also called "Flexor Style".

There is a similar black leather glove issued under the name "Gloves, Men's and Women's, Intermediate Cold/Wet" which has a sewn in knit cuff. Specification MIL-G-44419. NSN 8415-01-319-5115 and similar.

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