Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) Charts

The Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) ensemble is a set of overgarments that provide protection against chemical and biological agents, radioactive fallout particles, and battlefield contaminants. JSLIST coat and trousers are available in eleven sizes and have the advantage of being split-issue, allowing servicemembers to, for instance, mix a large coat with extra large pants. The charts on this page provide a guide to the sizes and corresponding National Stock Numbers (NSNs).

A Marine with an M16A2 rifle on his back drinks water from his canteen while in his Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST), wearing an M40 Chemical-Biological Field Mask with a C2A1 filter canister, Camp Doha, Kuwait, 21 January 2002
A Marine with an M16A2 rifle on his back drinks water from his canteen while in his Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST), wearing an M40 Chemical-Biological Field Mask with a C2A1 filter canister, Camp Doha, Kuwait, 21 January 2002.

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Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) Size Guide

This guide gives the approximate body measurements corresponding to the eleven sizes of JSLIST garments. Look up your JSLIST size separately for the coat and for the trousers -- they don't have to be the same.

JSLIST Coat Size Selection Chart (MIL-DTL-32102)

JSLIST Trouser Size Selection Chart (MIL-DTL-32102A)

Source: U.S. Army (January 2008)

Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) NSN Guide

This chart provides all the National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for the eleven sizes of the JSLIST coat and trousers for the range of camouflage patterns and colors available. Where SOF is indicated, the camouflage pattern has been approved for use by Special Operations Forces.

Determine your size separately for the Coat and Trousers using the charts above. You do not have to be the same size for both Coat and Trousers, making it easier to get a good fit. The combination of size and camo preference gives you the NSN you need to order from your supply point. It is possible to order custom sizes if no standard size combination provides an adequate fit.

Size Coat, Woodland Camouflage Trousers, Woodland Camouflage Coat, Desert Camouflage Trousers, Desert Camouflage Coat, Woodland, SOF Trouser, Woodland, SOF Coat, Desert, SOF Trouser, Desert, SOF
Small/X-Short 8415-01-444-1163 8415-01-444-1435 8415-01-444-5902 8415-01-444-5417 8415-01-460-0197 8415-01-460-0513 8415-01-460-3956 8415-01-460-4599
Small/Short 8415-01-444-1169 8415-01-444-1439 8415-01-444-5905 8415-01-444-5504 8415-01-460-0208 8415-01-460-0519 8415-01-460-4021 8415-01-460-4621
Medium/Short 8415-01-444-1200 8415-01-444-1613 8415-01-444-5913 8415-01-444-5506 8415-01-460-0215 8415-01-460-0527 8415-01-460-4025 8415-01-460-4627
Medium/Regular 8415-01-444-1238 8415-01-444-2310 8415-01-444-5926 8415-01-444-5893 8415-01-460-0217 8415-01-460-0550 8415-01-460-4029 8415-01-460-4636
Medium/Long 8415-01-444-1249 8415-01-444-2308 8415-01-444-6116 8415-01-444-5892 8415-01-460-0221 8415-01-460-0559 8415-01-460-4038 8415-01-460-4656
Large/Regular 8415-01-444-1265 8415-01-444-2325 8415-01-444-6138 8415-01-444-5898 8415-01-460-0223 8415-01-460-0565 8415-01-460-4046 8415-01-460-4668
Large/Long 8415-01-444-1270 8415-01-444-2338 8415-01-444-6131 8415-01-444-5900 8415-01-460-0226 8415-01-460-0569 8415-01-460-4075 8415-01-460-4677
X-Large/Regular 8415-01-509-8269 8415-01-509-8265 8415-01-509-8314 8415-01-509-8269 8415-01-509-8304 8415-01-509-8270 8415-01-509-8309 8415-01-509-8275
X-Large/Long 8415-01-505-1241 8415-01-505-1274 8415-01-505-1616 8415-01-505-1567 8415-01-509-8306 8415-01-509-8271 8415-01-509-8313 8415-01-509-8273
2X-Large/Long 8415-01-505-1245 8415-01-505-1277 8415-01-505-1622 8415-01-505-1591 8415-01-509-8310 8415-01-509-8272 8415-01-509-8312 8415-01-509-8276
3X-Large/Long 8415-01-506-7546 8415-01-506-7698 8415-01-506-7710 8415-01-506-7713 8415-01-511-3938 8415-01-511-3898 8415-01-511-3943 8415-01-511-3895

Source: DLA (January 2008)

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