U.S. Army Mountain Cook Kit and Stove

Stove, Mountain, M-1942
Stove, Mountain, M-1942.

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U.S. Army M-1942 Mountain Stove

M-1941 Mountain Stove

The first attempt to produce a stove for the individual mountain soldier was the M-1941, seen to the left. This now almost forgotten unit was a good start but too heavy and used too much materiel in its manufacture.

The redesign -- designated the Stove, Mountain, M-1942 -- was a 17 oz folding stove,with 1/2 pint fuel capacity, that could operate for 2 hours on one tank. Its design took into account frigid weather and it was near guaranteed to ignite at low temperatures. As seen in the top photo above, it had tripod folding legs and tripod folding brackets on top of the burner to support a pan. The pressure pump was combined with the filler cap and contained a kit of spare parts.

Mountain Cook Set M-1942

Along with the 1942 stove, and intended to act as a container for it when carried in the mountain rucksack, a mountain cookset was developed. The cookset was designed to serve the needs of two soldiers on an extended operation away from a company mess. The set consisted of two pots, the smaller nested into the larger, and a lid for the larger pot. The cover could also be used as a frying pan. The photo shows an original M-1942 cookset and stove inside a Mountain Tent during World War II.

M-1942 cookset

The first large production was made of steel, due to a critical shortage of aluminum, the preferred metal for its lightness. The combined cookset and stove was adopted by various arms and services in addition to the mountain troops for whom it was designed. The photo at right shows a recent production model of the cookset, still being issued.

Accessories for the Mountain Stove and Cook Set

The use of liquid stove fuel, to be carried in the rucksack along with rations, called for protective accessories. A one-quart fuel container was provided that was designed to prevent the leakage of fuel or fumes along with a waterproof food bag that would protect rations from gasoline and dampness.

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